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  1. My girlfriends close mate was actually dating Darel Russel, he has facebook but uses a different name. I also have his phone number and prank him often lol. Yes, i''m a loser.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvvKUtHlDK8&feature=player_embedded#! 8 minutes 55.
  3. If it''s Great Yarmouth market chips.. then fucking sell the stadium now. I love them Chips.
  4. Can someone please explain to me why the hell some of you still want Alan Lee at the club?.. I thought we want to be aiming for the top 6 of the championship for gods sake! The year we won the league/play off season and even the seasons where we were coming 10th or so.. we had better, WAY better strikers than that donkey. I''m not fixed on this idea, i just have not heard an arguement to make me feel he''s Canary Worthy
  5. Im just suprised there are not more comercially named stadiums, with the chance to have my companies name advertised on T.V, Radio, Internet etc etc and associated with a football team.. would seem a big deal to me? I guess I just don''t undertsand advertisement
  6. Went to the Norwich Vs Ipswich Legends game at weekend, now i''m 21 years old. When I was at school, at lunch time about 20 of us played a game called "Iwan" The game involved; crossing the ball in to a penatly box filled with 20-30 players with a goal keeper and everyone else attacking rhe ball. (had to be there to really find it fun! and trust me, it was) So, I took a couple of my mates from school to go and see the legends game, Ive had a season ticket since i was 7 or 8 so i''ve seen Iwan Bang in about 5024 headers. But my friends had actually never seen him play live.. so when a cross came in from fox(? i think) and Iwan was COMPLETELY unmarked from about 8-10 yards.. with the most PERFECT height, weight on the ball.. we all gasped for breathe and thought no way... IWAN!!!!!!!!! And he put it wide. I could of cried. I couldn''t work out what he tried. I said he missed! my friends thought I lied. I couldn''t believe it, it was woeful. Smuger would have headered it home, Huckerby would have headed it home.. Iwan.. I can''t believe You.
  7. 2 Questions; How much is selling the stadiums name ie; JJB stadium, Adidas Stadium what ever worth to the average club/Norwich and how much would it be worth to say Manchester United? ALSO: Why don''t more clubs do it?
  8. Nothing serious, no "ifs and buts" lets say lambert stays the hole season, we dont lose ANY players and we get forster again for the year + any signings lambert can get... Do you think Lambert has the transfer knowledge, the squad thus far to reach top 6 in the Championship!?
  9. Personally cheering for Leeds. After this season, i''ve devolped a MASSIVE hatrid for them and Col Who. So would love to see them get promoted, lose all there stars in the summer, lose 6 points to us next season, and return to where they belong. League 1!
  10. Glad to see everyone''s THIS HAPPY after our sucess in the league, Just got back form Charlton, and the euphoria, celebrations in London were AMAZING. Really happy we''re like this, if anyone was looking in from the outside people would never think that we had just won a league that we should NEVER HAVE BEEN IN! and that we are celebrating our return to the prem! But no, the fact is.. we''ve won a TERRIBLE league, we''re only going back to where we Should be, but the fans have been behind the club the hole way, so I only hope the club/the new men at the top (Mcnally I love you) can return all the love, dig in there wallets, and lets go Sign Kisnobo, Snodgrass, Lita, Shelvey.. fuck it. Let''s get Messi Delia! you only need to sell another 10505034304023024 billion trillion books! haha So Happy, OTBC! EEEEEEEEEE IIIIIIIII EEEEEEEEEEE IIIIIIII OOOOOOOOOOOOO UP THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE WE GO!
  11. Pay all this money a month for 50mb internet from Virgin, doesn''t matter still can''t wtch this without it fucking jerking about. Doing my fucking head in
  12. Just purely for banter/Football manager fanatics/serious consideration, what is your realistic and dream Championship starting XI?
  13. Firstly; am finally a member! I Have been reading the Pink''Un forums for about 2 years now.. and never once thought of making an account to share my opinion, but for some reason I''ve got my self 10 minutes and thought sod it. Firstly, I would like to announce my dislike for; smudger. After reading his posts, I can positively say I don''t like this man. I hate you posters that are negative.. stating we wil be relegated next year without fail, that we wont be promoted this season, and that Delia is going to kidnap and burn all of our children. (i''m not happy clapper, i''m a season ticket holder in the lower barclay, and belive me i''d do anything to get that witch out, but regardless I love Lambert, I love Mcnaly so let them do their jobs) I hate the supporters who think they deserve a fucking handout from the Red Cross because they''ve travelled all the way from Norwich to some far distant away team and we''ve lost. Yes, we didn''t perform well, yes we lost, but cheer on your club regardless you made the choice to go. Get Over It. We don''t stand with tissues and spare £20 notes to give to teams that leave carrow road beaten when they were far the superior team! RIGHT now to my point! I believe that the top 6 of league one, is in the same league as the bottom 10-12 of the Championship, but I just wanted to see if people agree that the top 10 of the championship s FAR.. FARRRRRRR superior to our current squad. We had players the calibur of Robert Earnshaw, Leory Lita, Dean Ashton, Huckerby and at times still struggled. I think unless we get a cash boost (the newcastle/wba parachute payments?) and sign players.. we could be in for a shock next season and not find our self comfrotably back in the top 10, but struggling in the botom half.. Discuss? Remember lads, I''m so Positive Norwich its beyond belief, I''ve got 2 Norwich Tattoos and from the age of 14-17 had my room decorated ala norwich, it runs in my blood and would never put my club down (and no, i didnt get my money back from my season ticket at start of seaon :P) I just want people''s opinions on just how much we''re going to have to spend, to suceed next year! Yooo to all btw :)
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