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  1. [quote user="forever city"]Ruddy Naughton Barnett De Laet Tierney Fox/Crofts Johnson Bennet wes Pilkington Morison i feel with johnson left defensive mid, we dont need surman to cover, this gives us more attacking abbilities, just make johnson sit, let fox pick the ball up and knock it out wide, and give wes a free role[/quote] i think morison has been terrible so far, i can see why millwall werent bothered about losing him, he did poorly in the one on one chance he had @ chelsea, and how he missed that header yesterday god only knows, i hope vaughan is special because good we need it
  2. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Lets all go support QPR then, they have room in their ground.... They are exactly whats wrong with football, buying success. I''m surprised Warnock is involved, i thought he was the type of person who would be against all that, but no he''s happy to spend millions on players who are better/were better than players QPR should be attracting, but money speaks. I really don''t care if QPR finish in the top 10, and we finish bottom, I would rather we had an owner that actually cares about the team, a manager who wants to build up a team and a squad, and players who put in 100% effort and disruption is never going to happen within the squad. QPR cannot claim to have any of that, i''m happy to be a NCFC fan.[/quote] hey dont get me wrong i hope they crash and burn, i just dont want to see them do well because all this rubbish how good they were last year and they werent, just a one man show, and now they have some idiot who polughed millions into them and everybody will make a big deal of it, i am pretty sure they will be the first team to spend this amount of money in there first season in the prem
  3. [quote user="simo86"]  Ruddy Naughton De Laet Whitbread Tierney             Fox                Johnson Bennett                             Pilkington                 Hoolahan      Vaughan Subs: Rudd, Barnett, R Martin, Crofts, Morison, Holt, Jackson [/quote]
  4.  Ruddy Naughton De Laet Whitbread Tierney Fox Johnson Bennett Pilkington  Hoolahan Vaughan Subs: Rudd, Barnett, R Martin, Crofts, Morison, Holt, Jackson
  5. wow I hate to say it but QPR look really good, they were cert for the drop for me, with the players they bought looks unlikey, plus they will probably will spend another 10-20 mil in jan :(
  6. I feel he has been are worst defender by far. I know will get some flak but hear me out. Yes the guy obviously has some quailty, you dont get signed my man united for no reason. but for all of his quailty he has made a mistake 3/4 games that has cost us a goal. yesterday was another poor poor bit of defending which lead to the only goal fo the game again, same against wigan, chelsea game was over yes but goal difference could become very important. I can also see why Barnett was sold by WBA his pace and his presence in the air are good, however his postional play concerns me a lot, as such his distribution is poor. I dont feel we will have a problem scoring at this level, however keeping the goals out will be, the problem is, who could you replace these guys with, Ritchie de Laet needs to sort himself out or he can go back to united as we cant keep conceding this amount of sloppy goals. thoughts?
  7. I think with the start WBA have had albeit they have played chelsea and man u, i think this is a very winnable game, it has been reported this week that all is not welll there and that there were punches thrown anfter the stoke game
  8. [quote user="Tore Raaen"]I''m guessing: Ruddy Martin, De laet, Barnett, Tierney Surman, Fox, Crofts, Hoolahan Morrison, Holt. I think PL was pleased with the 1st game, and I cant'' see that many chances..Barnett in for Whitbread is pretty clear i think..And there is NO WAY PL would drop Hoolahan, one of the best players last weekend and one of the most important in the team..We''re playing at home, a game that can be won..Will will play our own way and not adapt to the opposite side. In my personal view I could drop Surman and have Bennett in instead, but don''t think its gonna happen. In all, I don''t think PL will change the team...He was very pleased with the work mentality and guts, so benching some of the guys would seem harsh.. Time will tell.[/quote] i think your personal view is shared my many and probably paul lambert himself, I was there last week and been very surprised to hear by people suggesting we deserved more then a draw, taking yellow tinted glasses of we certinley didnt and i was delighted we got a point. biggest problem at wigan was lack of width we had no out lay, my biggest delimea is though how do you fit hoolhan pilkington and bennett in one team, as i wouldnt want to play one up top, cetinley not at home any way.
  9. are sold out as my brother i and my uncle just bought the last 3
  10. [quote user="spencer 1970"]http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2378220,00.html[/quote] i must admit this is the first signing m a little under-whelmed on, im normally very positive this one i just dont see at the moment, look at the three clubs he was loaned to last year, but in lambert we trust and i am sure he is a far better judge then i am lol
  11. [quote user="City1st"]Traveledge IS that cheap, it is on their site ...... try looking As to 5 miles I presume the same car that took you to Wigan might just manage that extra few miles[/quote] na would rather a few cheeky stella''s :) whats the point of staying over night if your going to drive
  12. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]I think Simo is trying to decide between a night out at the Casino or the Pier.[/quote] lol it just closest to the ground so easy walk back and then get on it, will do manchester when i go to united and city, need experience every where, for better or worse !!
  13. [quote user="Pabs"] What do we think the allocation will be at Wigan?   I reckon we should get about 5000 tickets.  4-0 win anyone?! [/quote] yeah we get 5000 there , and the 4-0 i wish but doubt it hopefully they have lost n''zogbia by them
  14. [quote user="The Young One"] Taken from club web site SIGN UP TO SUPER MEMBERSHIP TODAY Posted on: Tue 03 May 2011 IF YOU want all the benefits of membership as well as the opportunity to purchase match tickets ahead of other members, season ticket holders and non-members then super membership is for you! Become a super member today for £20 and have first priority to purchase available tickets. [/quote] your becoming annoying as your WRONG that is for home games only, i rung and checked with the club as i have 10 away stubs and so does my uncle but my brother does not, we wanted to know if the super memebship would help him and they said no its only for bloody home games ok!? ring the club if you dont believe me
  15. [quote user="The Young One"][quote user="Matt Juler"][quote user="The Young One"]I think you will find super members get priority over season ticket holders (not away ST holders). That''s the way it should be.[/quote]  Season ticket holders make a very substantial investment in the club each season, and rightly so they gain first priority over members.  [/quote] But not over Super members, you are wrong. Anyway home season tickets holders get what they pay for a seat to every game why should they get anything else ? [/quote] your wrong mate i checked with club deal with it i was wrong to were all human allowed to make mistakes :)
  16. [quote user="city4eva"] [quote user="Barnett is King"]Just read on a few sites that it is 3000. Is this true? 76,000 seats and they give just 3000 to away fans? If so that''s a joke! That''s just 3.9% of seats for away support. Surely this is the lowest in England if so? [:(] [/quote]   Why is it a joke? They could double the size of the stadium and still fill it with home support [/quote] imo i think every ground should have to give 10% of there stadium to away fans. the reason for this being how can it be fair that we must give them 2700 in a 27000 stadium while they have a 76000 stadium and give us 3000. your argument works both way as there are a lot of norwich fans would love to have a season ticket next year but cant as we have to obey by the 10% rule
  17. yes i was wrong sorry, just checked with club, anyway dont care im in group 2 :)
  18. [quote user="s10_yellow"]For the away priority scheme being a super member is completely irrelevant, you are banded together with normal members and thus below season ticket holders in priority.[/quote] sorry to say think ur wrong after checking the norwich website mate
  19. [quote user="Matt Juler"]Simo86: If the club was giving priority to Members over ST holders something would be serious wrong!  The groups are linked as thus... 1. Away ST 2. Season Ticket holders with 10+ stubs from the previous 12 months 3. Season Ticket holders without 10+ subs from the previous 12 months AND members with 10+ subs from the previous 12 months 4. Members without 10+ subs from the previous 12 months 5. General sale [/quote] lol i did say dont shoot me down that was from my memory of the form i couldnt really remmeber properley. im just glad to be in priority two I really dont want to miss out on the big games to glory supporters!
  20. well thats unlucky for you :P if it works the same as last year and this is only very roughly from memory so dont shoot me down prority 1 is away season ticket holders priority 2 is people with 10 away stubs priorty three i believe is super members then four is season ticket holders priority five is general sale. 3 and four could be the other way round but i am pretty sure that is the case as stated above
  21. [quote user="birchfest"][quote user="simo86"]not true as you have to make a certin percentage of your ground available i believe?[/quote] No its the smallest of 3,000 or 10% of capacity as compulsory, though some grounds such as bolton have a larger away allocation than that. [/quote] hahaha thanks if u see above i just corrected myself after thinking i better check, that is a serious joke though.
  22. [quote user="simo86"]not true as you have to make a certin percentage of your ground available i believe?[/quote]   im totally wrong, i just googled it, it is UP TO 3000 that is a disgrace for a stadium that size consider the away allocation we give, i am so glad i am in priorty 2 for games next year
  23. not true as you have to make a certin percentage of your ground available i believe?
  24. you really cant help some people can you................. very unlikely is going to get moved if any would be likely it would be swansea man city and for £16 i wouldnt lose any sleep. travelodge isnt that cheap as i looked plus its 5 miles from the ground so would need to pay transport. this is 1.2 miles you can unless your fat and lazy some of you really have nothing better to do then whinge/moan do you. seriosuly get a life
  25. http://www.mercure.com/gb/hotel-8200-mercure-wigan-oak-hotel/index.shtml   the above link is for hotel in wigan, closest one to the ground only 1,2 miles, if you def going and staying as i am book now as a room for 2 adults is only £32.50 as they have 50% off if u book now, thats bloody good value. hope this helps a few people.
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