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  1. Yep, great response from the fans once again. Our supporters sang from start to finish. I watched the game on telly. 1st half was lousy from us. Why we play just the other half not two. But the support was awesome keep it going, proud of ya all!
  2. That´s got to be Raymond DeWaard. Can´t understand your comments about Edworthy.
  3. Kuqi, best player in the league! Hah, I´m surprised if he makes it to the Finnish national team. Finland has far better players up front than Kuqi and me thinks Finnish national team is c**p, few exceptions though. Typical Ipswich fan.
  4. Yep, thought so too. Maybe NW switches him to the right side of midfield (hope so). Every time we''ve played against Cooper I think he has been rather good player. He''s got pace, he''s experienced and got some trickery. All in all good addition to the squad, well done Nige.
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