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  1. Yeah this repotoire of yours is so good you haven''t used it yet. Splitter
  2. I come on here and add a bit of fun into your lives. Okay so maybe I would be annoyed if Norwich fans started talking on an Ipswich website. But all I want is to wish you guys all the best next year. If Ipswich didn''t have Norwich and Norwich didn''t have Ipswich life would be extremely boring. I know all you Canaries enjoyed reading the posted comment. Next year will be boring if one of us goes up and the other doesn''t. Who will you slag off? All I hope is that Ipswich get propmoted with you and then the pair of us can further Anglian football. Also I want to know why have you signed Cooper. IS this the sign of self destruction. He is rubbish, and will fit wearing Proton on his jersey as most the time he won''t start and when he does he will probably break down. Don''t stop the hate mail as I find it interesting hearing how much you hate my messages. In truth I think this is probably the best fan chat site and I hope they carry on for many a year to come. So this means one good thing has come from Norwich City. Much better than anything Delia could ever cook. In response to Delia''s good spending it is due to her not having a clue, the approval of Cooper shows this. Fianlly Bent is Ipswich through and through. I''M ON THE WEB CITY.
  3. Do you really think Cooper is good enough for Norwich. He is rubbish. How often has he actually played this season. Why is Worthy thrying to change the winning formula. Wait till the summer and then start buying players who are actually worth buying. The reason teams get relegated is because they sign useless pieces of rubbish like Cooper. We have the foundations that could become a decent side. I just hope worhty doesn''t mess it up on past it players.
  4. Have you lot heard the latest news that is circulating Carrow Road at the moment. In a loan deal Helder Postiga the young Portugese centre forward might join for a few years. Spurs have said they wish to keep him but feel a time in a less demanding area would be better for him. Think of that next year in the premiership, Huckerby and Postiga. If we can get him a few goals the sky is the limit roll on Europe. The canaries are soon to be the next Man United.
  5. Norwich will come straight back down. Ooh look at us we won a few matches. Well done on doing the double on us, but your not the top team in the league we are. We spent two years in the top division and qualified for Europe. Beat that you wallies. Your team is poor and Huckerby is past it. Kuqi is the top player in the league, Huckerby''s celebration, BORING. Roll on the ''Kuqi flop'' ps Delia is an overated cook. I would rather eat the Cambridge united pies which are frozen. Cheers Joe Royle''s Barmy Army
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