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  1. The question is... Will Lambert be Delia''s 12th man?
  2. I here your game with Cambridge next year has been announced as a sell out
  3. I can get you a good dvd. Its out Saturday. It''s called "How to empty Carrow Road in 7 easy steps"
  4. I like the idea of being a feeder team to Norwich. How much did you waste on Cureton? I see he didnt make the bench last night. Then you take old Lambtwat of us. You only get big crowds because Carrow Road is the only place you and your cousins can go to get entertainment. Kevin Lisbie>Grant Holt.
  5. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]well they got 3pts they should be happy and know thier place ![/quote] Sitting firmly above you in the league. We will rinse you for all you;ve got. I hear you have about £100k left so looks like your going out of business :)
  6. Be some nice compensation coming our way!!!
  7. I would of rather put that many goals past the crap up the A12. I was amazed as to how friendly your fans were to us even after the game. Hopefully something is sorted out there soon. Amazing support even in times like this
  8. How the memories of the Barclay singing that to us last time rang clear in my mind on saturday
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