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  1. Lewie McDonald just sent me a very rude and worrying private message
  2. Homophobic aswell. You''re ignorance knows no bounds
  3. Swearing is the first sign of poor intellect
  4. I think a score prediction for a meaningless pre-season is a pretty useless contribution
  5. [quote user="scrimmage"]Do you not think that maybe the 700 fans who did go would have made the players feel very good that 700 people managed to come down to Carrow and watch them train, on a work day in the middle of the week. Doesn''t this show the support of our followers? [/quote] No, it shows a worrying level of obsession
  6. Todays news: Carrow Road sees a 700 strong, eclectic mixture of children, the unemployed and general halfwits of Norwich
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