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  1. [quote user="Herman "]Good call,that or Animals.Wish You Were Here close 3rd. Somewhere out there is a fantastic surfing video to accompany Echoes[Y] [/quote]I could never afford to buy Meddle until I started work 4 years after it''s release. The old c90 tapes were the hip chicks of the day, well worn and full of hiss and passed around.....youngsters today don''t realise how fantastic the net is.YouTube - Hawkwind - Hassan I Sahba  The poor man''s  Floyd.
  2. [quote user="Herman "]Midlake doing Black Sabbath  [^o)] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRBsOX_9bYk [/quote]Fair cover... all most early Floyd sounding......but no manic laughter of the Sabs, so 7 out of 10.YouTube - pink floyd arnold layne
  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Who doesn''t love the Darkness.............(Apart from 99.9% of everyone :P) My current Youtube playlist is a complete mess, have Avril Lavigne, Johnny Cash, Ian Dury, Missing Andy, Funke and the Two tone Baby, Katy B, The Specials, Ellie Goulding, Kansas, Blur, Chemical Brothers, The Verve, Lisa Hannigan, The Script, Train, Bon Jovi, RHCP, Kesha, Big D and the Kids Table, Darling Violetta, Miley Cyrus, Mark Own, They Might be Giants, some Mt Eden Dubstep, Less than Jake and Rihanna.... (More than one song for most...) slight mixture there :P[/quote]Big up for Cash and Dury....not too sure on some of your others Ginge.I''ve got Budgie blasting my lugs....back in the day you could be funny looking rocker, much underestimated but still going...just about. YouTube - BUDGIE - BREADFAN YouTube - Budgie - Parents YouTube - Budgie - In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter''s Hand YouTube - Budgie - Crash Course in Brain Surgery
  4. Been going 40 odd years and this man still has one hell of powerful rock voice... and on another world tour at the moment. Crank it up for full best listening of old skool rock "ye cannee beat it. "                             YouTube - Nazareth -- " Morning Dew "YouTube - Nazareth - This flight tonight YouTube - In Concert - Nazareth
  5. [quote user="johnfromkent"]Enjoyed that mumford track, always on the lookout for something new. SA mentioned Kraftwork, never tire of them. John[/quote]TF we won the war.....no Led Zep would''ve been tad harsh.                                                     YouTube - Kraftwerk - Das Model                                                            Up The Tubeway Army                                                       YouTube - Don''t Be A Dummy
  6. [quote user="ChristopherE"]Early Rod Stewart.Just checked ... unplayed for a while.If it includes Gasoline Alley, Only a Hobo, Country Comfort, that is a fiver well spent.The vinyl I am presently looking at is "The Vintage years 69-70 " (Double) @£3.99 .ChristopherE[/quote]Weeks money back then....when I was a wee Saturday lad....Tesco tearaway days. Made a nice little earner during the sugar shortage£££££YouTube - Jeff Beck - You Shook Me
  7. [quote user="Herman "]Just ordered an early Rod Stewart album[:$] Have i wasted a fiver?[/quote]Rod''s early stuff is sh1t hot, his Faces days are also quality.....If you want to meet top totty head for a Rod gig!!!!!Oh.. his days with Beck are all good too.YouTube - Rod Stewart-In a Broken Dream
  8. [quote user="Willmeister"][quote user="I am a Banana"]kings of leon, - only by the night & come around sundown. JJJJJJjessie jayyyy [:P] [/quote]Surely you can''t contribute to this thread as you don''t actually support the music industry. Luckily you seem to be stealing mainstream crap, rather than from the grassroot musicians who work damn hard.I''m now looking forward to Curb Records releasing a Hank III album they refused to release earlier and Scott Biram touring Europe in April, if anyone likes music I highly suggest seeing this guy play live, he turns up with three different guitars and a plank of wood to stomp on, is really wonderful stuff mixing in punk, blues and country to produce a delightfully filthy sound.Heres an example:Scott H. Biram - Hit The Road[/quote]Thanks for bringing this man''s music to my attention, foot stomping fantastic...love it.I''m feeling a tad mellow and chilling.YouTube - Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind
  9. [quote user="CDMullins"][quote user="Urban heat island"]How often are bookies wrong ?........Malky Mackay is doing a fine job at the Hornets.....Keep the faith!!Paul Lambert now odds-on with bookies for Burnley post - The Scotsman [/quote] Malky was 1/5 For the Burnley Job at 3pm this afternoon Lambert, McInnes, Big Sam, Phil Brown and Eddie Howe have all been ''odds on'' at some point this week. [/quote]Browns gone to Preston, my tip is for Malky for the Clarets.
  10. How often are bookies wrong ?........Malky Mackay is doing a fine job at the Hornets.....Keep the faith!!Paul Lambert now odds-on with bookies for Burnley post - The Scotsman
  11. [quote user="Salahuddin"]I am in Burnley at the moment, nasty place though the surrounding countyside is beautiful. From talking to a few people it seems that whoever gets the job will have very little if anything to spend. The Board believe that the current squad is sufficient for promotion and they are all about prudence here (sounds familiar!) most people believe that if they go up again they will still then have some money to spend but not before. So I don''t really see why PL would fancy this tbo....[/quote]Are there any sun shops or stores that sell pink fluffy jumpers in T''Burnley ?
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