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  1. After asking my Doncaster living cousin about Doncaster fans, he says they have a "firm" at their school called the DDR (Doncaster Defence Regiment), according to him it is made up with a micture of 14 and 15 year olds. They don''t go to Millwall or Leeds either, I wonder why that could be
  2. I did google it, all that comes up is last seasons two games against Leeds. When I search with todays date a load of rubbish comes up, so I was asking if anyone had found a stream, no need to be like that.
  3. Thanks mate, hopefully all this trouble is worthwhile and we give Col Who a good pasting!
  4. When you click the button to watch it( on p2p4u) it takes you to the bet 365 website.
  5. "Bet365/Betfair don''t have the tv rights for the UK, Ireland, China and Middle East" Looks like us in the UK can''t watch it [:''(]
  6. I have seen him play one against my local side Corby Town .. he didn''t look that great in the game,but maybe it was just a bad performance.
  7. Saw him play once V my loacal team Corby Town .. looked average at best but that could one bad performance.He plays for Cambridge City in the Southern League Premier Division.http://www.cambridgecityfc.com   Link is on that website.
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