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  1. Can''t seem to find any school bags for my lad. If anyone has an old bag or knows where I can get one from your help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Apology for the symbol not intentional. Dereham collection
  3. Hi I have a spare ticket for Sunday if anyone is interest? Can''t make it due to family emergency 07594678704.
  4. Thanks for your help all. I will pm you Europe93
  5. 40 quid for a duvet! Sorry cant condone nor afford that mate.
  6. Hello fellow canaries, Just wondered if anyone had any norwich city bedroom stuff they would be willing to part with, quilt, curtains, mat etc. My boy is soon to be 2 and would love a norwich themed bedroom!!! More like i would love him to! If you would could you please message me. Many thanks.
  7. is there any chance of doing one for the ps2 please? Looks awesome. sorry thats all i have!
  8. I think he could do a good job for you, If i were you i would be having a look n youtube to see his goals.
  9. Does anybody know if the game will be shown anywhere? It''s not on sky but could possibly be on in local pubs via the magic box! if so there should be a stream??????
  10. he seemed to have a trainee ball launcher! they are well prepared
  11. [quote user="row"]against no more than a ''pub team'' in the words of infamous Barry on canary call. Actually I have a home and away season ticket thank you very much.[/quote] God f*cking help us then! Jesus what a fool.
  12. As mentioned by myself in the Cody thread.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/9415413.stm Please take some time to listen to the Paul Lambert interview regarding Aaron Willbraham. 1:17 - 1:55 of the interview shows your football knowledge is somewhat limited. It comes straight from the horses mouth. So just cos he doesnt bang in 30 goals a season doesnt make him sh*t. Centre forward play is not all about goals as others have touched on in this thread.
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