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  1. i have to agree , you are a nob head :)
  2. yeah i can accept that one , but 4-5 of there goals were beyond a joke, goals you''d see be conceeding like now and then , marshall got critisized for making like 3-4 mistakes in his days here , our new number one made that many in one game
  3. cant beat steeeeeeno , edworthy was good aswell , ostemobor is the worst as he cant actualy kick a footbll ! , if he didnt have pace , he''d be working in my local budgens as he''s such a thick player !
  4. and yeah that gills striker looked awesome !
  5. players having bad days , dont conceed 7 goals against colchester ! so yes they are crap
  6. again , another good post ! thinking outside the box , now i think about it maybe it was the fns fault , we made too much noise so the player couldnt concentrate :p
  7. delia and gunn out only way to move club forward ! , my sat or sunday team could have gave norwich a good game saturday ! , and carl would have had them oin his own
  8. wow ! ambient ! you know the ways of the forsaken ambient water ! your very wise rastaman !
  9. agree with dochert completly , he''s supposed to be captain ! he didnt encorage his players , or lead by example or have any qualities as captain ! but then again who appointed him as captain ? bloody gunn !
  10. okay , you alwyas get the odd few , but in general !and its clear gunn has no tactical awareness ! the full backs were pushed up the pitch leaving two donkeys at the back to cope with a pacey kevin lisbie ! at least with roeder we had some stability ! we never lost like that ! and ncfc shaun , dont talk like you know what your on about , your probably some 17 year old boy who plays his football up some rec at lunchtimes ;)
  11. agreed with rastaman ! why dont they bring in graham stuart as player coach ?
  12. Thats right im back , i told you to beleive in the carl cort church but all i got back was ignorance , look at carls new side brentford ! 3-1 winners away , if he was in the city side , he would have scored and stopped the opposition scoring ! Bryan Gunns decision to let him go is worse than roeders letting huckerby go ! I now beleive that Gunn should go , and huckerby come in as player manager , but that is unrealistic , but we need someone who can organise teams ! GOALKEEPERS DONT MAKE IT AS MANAGER!
  13. gunns only chance is carl , play him upfront with the guy who owns a farm eee iii eee iii oooo
  14. who am i ? good question ...... i am a man of many mystery''s , but co founder of the CCC
  15. gooood last post , the ccc is an established religion brought together by atheists. In Carl Cort we have finally found someone to worship and do so by supporting him in every way possible.
  16. It is friday at usual place rastaman ;) :)and im sorry but we dont appreciate you talking about Carl in a negative manner. If he was in the team , we wouldnt have gone down.I also here he owns a large collection of spoon forks.
  17. Is Gunn a winner ? Does he understand the concept of management ? Does he really care for Norwich if he took over a club in crisis with no managerial experiance or tactical awareness? Was it me or over the last half a dozen games of the season did we look clueless and lacklustre when we should be fighting for our lives giving it our all ? Ok he''s appointed now .... but it shows how the club lacks ambition as they have basically implied that they are going for the cheap option. I shall see my club rot down the leagues of english football where only a few years ago our future looked bright. BUT .. there is still hope , Carl Cort will be fully fit for the start of next season !
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