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  1. why hasn''t mcdonald been starting regular ? i mean he''s 22 and if he''s as good as rumoured shouldn''t he have been in the side more?
  2. ok i''ll start a rumour about mcdonald to forest and it might just snowball and make billy davies take note !  i had some banter with a carlisle fan last year about forest signing garner and 3 months later we did!  i reckon garner got your goal of the season by the way , that was an amazing o.g !
  3. ron atkinson apparently with carlton palmer as his number 2.
  4. not being funny but norwich are the worst team i''ve seen this season and deserve to go down , you could struggle to get up as well ( as forest did ) as i can''t imagine there being much of a budget and some of your better players will no doubt abandon ship , i bet sammy clingan is well chuffed he furthered his career by going to norwich !
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