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  1. Hope to see you in the Premier League again one day. Very, very sad.  
  2. [quote user="Tim Allman"] Roeder had a quite a bit of previous when it came to star players, just ask any West Ham fan about how he handled crowd favourite Paulo Di Canio at his time at West Ham. The start of the end at Norwich for Glenn Roeder was the game versus Hull on 12th February 2008. We had just come off the back off three victories (albeit fortunate ones) against decent sides and Roeder started tinkering with the team, He dropped Mo Camara, who had played solidly for a number of games, and gave Kieron Gibbs his debut against a big physical Hull team who snuffed him out. Huckerby was just returning from injury, having been a sub for two of these three games. He was sub that evening against Hull, with Gibbs playing in his position and at Leicester the next Saturday he did not feature at all in the match day sixteen with another Premiership loanee, James Henry starting. City’s form dropped away after these two games and it was only after a 3-0 victory against QPR on the penultimate day of the season that safety was guaranteed. We were though, plating against ten men for 80 minutes and were assisted by some bizarre substitutions by the then QPR manager, Luigi Di Canio. If we had gone to Hillsborough on the final day of the season needing to win, it is highly likely that we would already be playing in League One. After the Leicester game, in the BBC Radio Norfolk radio phone-in show following the 0-4 defeat at Leicester, one of the callers, badgered Neil Adams, the show’s host, into admitting Huckerby would always be in his squad, if fit. Roeder took this as personal insult, and soon after, Adams informed that he was to be removed from his NCFC post as one of the youth team coaches. Adams was offered his job back at the start of the following season. In his time away from NCFC, I thought that Adams had become more critical of the side in his radio summarising, and my view was that Roeder thought it best to get him back in the NCFC fold. Roeder further alienated Huckerby by refusing to say whether he would be offered an extension to his contract, and only informed him after the final game of the season that he would have to find another club. Dion Dublin however, who Roeder described as “real man” was subbed off to a standing ovation at Hillsborough. Huckerby was not afforded the same send off, and was more kicked out of the back door of Carrow Road. It appeared to be a decision of spite and nothing more. In both the cases of Adams and Huckerby, the NCFC Board allowed Roeder to make decisions that were, in my opinion, patently wrong, and should have been more hands-on with Roeder. In any football club, responsibility for the playing side is delegated to the manager, but in the case of these two cases, it was more of an abdication and a stronger Board would have intervened. At the Capital Canaries AGM in August 2008, Chairman Roger Munby, when questioned about Huckerby admitted that the whole situation could have been “handled better”   [/quote] I wouldnt treat anybody with this loyalty in that way, is this really how Huckerby ended his Norwich career. He turns down LFC to play in the championship out of loyalty to you guys, the fans, and this is how he was treated. I read somewhere that he was offered a place by a Premiership team and turned it down in case he had to play against you. Im lost for words, its like turning your back on your best mate when he needs you most. No its worse than that, its like knifing your best friend in the back when he needs you most, im sorry but the words "board" and "cowardly" spring to mind. Darren Huckerby, my apologies to you as a fan of exciting football for this cowardly act. Having had the chance to view these forums in detail today, then i can assure you that Canary fans see this as treachery. Any NCFC supporter who is apalled by this treachery and hasnt voiced their opinion, add your name here. Alternatively if you want i can just f##k o#f,  its just that the more i read here, the more i feel for this proud club and the gutter she is now laying in.
  3. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] The version in the paper directs people to the web where 2,000 words can be published with no space constraints. It''s also across all three sites.... The original post from concerned scouse, which sparked the whole debate in the first place, appears in the paper in full. [/quote] Not quite, it appears to be missing the part about Huckerby, perhaps you guys can enlighten me. Is this a sore subject?  
  4. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] The version in the paper directs people to the web where 2,000 words can be published with no space constraints. It''s also across all three sites.... The original post from concerned scouse, which sparked the whole debate in the first place, appears in the paper in full. [/quote] Not quite, it appears to be missing the part about Huckerby, perhaps you guys can enlighten me. Is this a sore subject?  
  5. Hi Guys Im new here and a guest at best But it would appear that not only having already banked your money for season ticket sales for next year, your club want you to pay £5.00 each to watch your possible relegation at Carrow Road With the loyalty you guys have shown then a free showing and a first drink wouldnt be amiss in my opinion. I think you all know my opinion, but if Darren Huckerby himself were handing out the drinks (ably assisted by an unmoving but still curiously effective Jan molby), this would still be rubbing the salt in to the wounds. If the worst happens (and you know i hope it wont) to charge £5.00 to watch Norwich City be plunged in to league 1 (the 3rd division) is crass, patronising and bloody offensive. Do you know what, i have only been a kind of "pseudo fan" for a day or two, and thats been enough for me. I dont know the ins and outs, but you as a club, as fans and as a (i think this is right) fine city you deserve better. Regards Bootle    
  6. Hi all I seem to have stirred up a hornets nest here, or perhaps i have just given a focus to the hornets anger. I have read every reply to my original, terribly sad observations, big fella you have given me a huge insight in to just what can happen through a combination of negligence, complacency, bad decision making and forlorn hope. Yes this could happen to any club, but Norwich have been cautious, not over borrowed. They have a huge and highly commendable (given the circumstances) attendance record. The finances just dont add up. On to the "Outsiders view" I think Norwich are just a club that havent made enemies, tried to play "football" and shocked every "big" club at some point and won admiration. You just dont seem to have any enemies or emnity towards you in English football (except the team in blue down the road, we have one of those too) I was working in London during your european adventure, the way you played without fear, with passing fluid football won you many admirers at that time. In my humble opinion the Huckerby era won you even more friends, the way you set the team up to let the "speedboat" tear in to oppposition defences with no defensive duties made compelling viewing for us neutrals. To paraphrase one of his previous managers "Huckerby is not a great goalscorer, but a scorer of great goals". This maverick attitude to life in the premiership earned you even more neutral fans. You did ultimatley go down, but you went down in flames with not a long ball kicked all season. The fact that he then turned down a move to Liverpool (we would have loved him, we have a history of unpredictable left wingers) to stay with you guys in the championship is not only a mark of the guy but a mark of you as fans. I think he was just too "Norwich City" to move, he clearly responded to you guys. Unfortunately i never saw him play in the flesh, but watching highlights on TV reminds me of my last visit to Carrow Road, i came to see the England U21s play, a certain Micheal Owen was in the team and every time he got the ball the whole stadium got to its feet in anticipation. Huckerby had the same effect, i dont think even his own team mates knew what would happen next. How he never got an England call up defies belief bearing the problems we had on the left side. Anyway, good luck on Sunday. Plymouth must win also. No one is even going to miss Barnsley. A passing team should simply not be in the Championship, let alone...............No lets not think about it. Regards A fan of football not hoofball
  7. Im going to bed now, but first who the **** is Roy Waller? Peters, Bruce, Phelan, Sutton. Bellamy, Huckerby, Waller????
  8. No ncfc90 I am a fan of quality passing football, something that Norwich City were synomous with in the 80s and 90s. Maybe its just not possible to pass your way out of the Championship. Respect though for trying, i think thats the thing, to go down passing is better than to have never passed at all. Youll never walk alone. and yes Goss`s goal was befitting the last goal in front of the Spion Kop. If i remember rightly both teams were applauded off by both sets of fans. Maybe thats why i felt the need to post here tonight. It saddens me that a team that once outpassed the mighty Liverpool are now in this horrrible position. Never mind the danger, Norwich. For footballs sake.
  9. According to my research there has only been one bit of trouble between our sets of fans, something to do with your "magnifcent seven" scooter club. Unlike your rivals down the road who claim to have some sort of "European Heritage" Just to repeat, i/we hope that you can stay up. Your result is more important than ours this weekend. Christ, that was hard to say! "On the ball Norwich City" or something like that! By the way, just how bad/good was Molby for you guys? Norwich City: A premier league club.
  10. I feel for you guys i really do, twice towards the end of this season i have found myself watching Liverpool and listening to Norwich at the same time. It just cant happen, can it?
  11. Hi Canary Fans Liverpool fan here with some questions? Whatever happened to Norwich City? I have felt the need to join your forum to express my views and find some answers to the possible demise of a proud family club. Norwich City: One of the last few teams to play proper passing football. Norwich City: The last team to play in front of the Spion Kop, and a good game of passing football with genuine respect between fans of the beautiful game. Norwich City: Unexpected passers of the ball in a great european run, with an awesome goal by Goss if i remember. Norwich City: Genuine rumours on Merseyside of a certain Darren Huckerby joining to replace Patrick Berger, stayed bloody loyal to you guys, Missed a great opportunity for himself for you the fans. Massive respect to him and to you for keeping him. Dumped by that rodent guy. Most fouled player in the league during your premiership season. Norwich City: Charlton and Southampton can go down, but i read that you still have 25,000 sellouts and that you cant get a season ticket for next year. Norwich City: On the ball city, never mind the danger (or something like that). The oldest song in football ive read somewhere. Norwich City: Despite losing out on Europe because of the actions of a few Liverpool louts, I saw 3 of your scarves on the Shankly gates, a different class of fan. Norwich City: Respected on my part of Merseyside for passing the ball, the way Shankly would enjoy. We loved the 2-0 against Fergies Mancs as well. Norwich City: For me and my mates, can you tell us what happened to the beautiful game at Carrow Road? Norwich City: You have some fans in Liverpool that will be praying that results go for you this weekend. You simply do not deserve to go down with your proud history of passing football. Norwich City: Good Luck this weekend!
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