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  1. Wow we''ve been thrown into the same bucket as Hartlepool and Exeter. Now I feel small!
  2. [quote user="BudgiePluckerITFC"]I dunno. Wait and see. League 2 might beckon yet..... On the plus side, your travelling fans will get the lion''s share of Colchester''s new stadium, ''cos a lot of their fans don''t bother... [/quote] At least those who do turn up, sing. I''d rather have 6,000 bodies and 4,000 voices than 30,000 bodies and 2,000 voices - 1000 of them from away fans.
  3. I don''t think Alan Lee will do well in this League. Good luck to him, though.
  4. If you get a decent manager in, you won''t need administration because he''d sort out the contracts. Christ, 20k attendance is enough to stabilise in League 1 if we can survive on 4k attendances.
  5. Haha. Well we have Wycombe and Southend and Brentford and possibly Gillingham so we''re nicely packed out! You and Charlton are the icing on the cake!
  6. From a Colchester fan. Honestly, League 1 isn''t that bad especially next season. You have some good teams, and also Charlton and Southampton - so you can pretend you''re still in the 2nd tier ;) Nice to see Jamie Cureton effectively dealt the killer blows though, giving Barnsley 3/4 points with his goals. Prick. Remember singing, ''We''ll never play you again..?'' :P Honestly, enjoy next season and consolidate. Don''t expect to go up straight away because League 1 is surprisingly difficult.
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