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  1. although his deflections cost us 2goals, he looked more the comfortable defender.
  2. i know we should''nt be panicking and its only the first game of the season, but at the start of last season he was probably are best player and i think would have challenged holt for player of the season. and now he is fit i think he should be in the first team alongside ward
  3. doherty seriously couldn''t cut in the championship last time. why can''t you believe we paid that much for surman, u cleary didn''t see the last match he looked probably one of our best players out there. Besides its only one game give it time and he will come good.
  4. RB- Liam rosenior- has enough experience for the championship and has even played at premier level and would be an  excellent replacement for russell martinCB- Chris Riggott or Jay demerit- both very experienced defenders would be a better option than nelson and would be in the first team without a shadow of a doubtRM- ?- i have no one for this but i think we need an outlet because i cant see the diamond formation working in this leagueCF- Marlon Harewood or Angelos Charisteas- both big and strong target men and would be good competition for holtif we got these players i think we would finish mid table possible.
  5. not a chance in hell would you pick nelson over ward, although he had a poor game he didnt get out muscled off the ball and wasnt at for the three goals
  6. robert korenfilipe teixeira steven caldwellchris riggottsteve finnanliam roseniorjay demeritmarlon harewoodgeovanni personally i think we still need a right back and a centre half every that performance tonight and liam rosenior and chris riggott would be good replacements for russell martin and michael nelson because they both look out of their depth. Also marlong harewood would be a addition to the squad and would be a good back up for holt, if he was to get injured or suspended.
  7. free transfers:hahnemannmurtyjaidilitasouzakabbajack wilshere
  8. with marshall gone and croft and clingan prob going where are we gonna get players to replace them
  9. joe lewis we could try we know he loved the club so maybe he''d want to come help get back in championshipquality keeperbig good shot stoppergood penalty saver
  10. i think these people need to go Players:pattisoncortotsemoborcuretonBoard:all of them fuck offMangement:all of them part fromgunny and crook
  11. peter cullum came in to invest when he''s got more money then her and she fucking says no as far as im concerned she needs to go
  12. i would''nt buy cox i''d buy lambert because i reckon him and mcdonald would be a good partnership
  13. she did well for us when she stopped us from going bankrupt but i think its time for her to go and we need someone else who''s got more money to rebuild the club like peter cullum so thanks delia but i think its time to go
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