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  1. Was it wise to get rid of the doc so quick? he could organize defence, schoolboy defending is not good enough.Cant believe we paid all that money for surman, I know he needs time to fit in but looks 1st or 2nd div standard. How many times have the team let down the supporters during the years, we should be used to it by now.Lets hope things get better otherwise we will be back in the doom of the 1st div again.
  2. I think holt and hoolahan will go, we could not turn down the cash or stop them bettering themselves.
  3. bring back standing,most of us do it for most of the match when it gets exciting,cant beat it ,I remember being in amongst 30,000 plus watching us beat chelsea in the leauge cup,at Carrow road,what a atmosphere never will forget it,all sides of the ground singing,and echo coming off the roof.Best suggegestion in this day and age though is to go up a tier.Looking forward to southend ,only a stones throw from here.
  4. Saw Danny crow came on as sub for Cambridge United and scored twice,I thought he would have been in a much better team than this as he showed promise at Norwich.
  5. We are doing great,its nice to see and things are looking good.but one thing worries me,can we keep our best players ,holt,ect.We have had this happen before,selling players to raise money.I hope this does not happen and we can build on our recent form.
  6. Yes you are right and have a right to have your say,the keeper did very well ,but his kicking was not good all night and he should have been replaced if he had a back problem.I thought our performance was fantastic,I would have risked putting on Mc Donald at some point in the later stages of the second half.Holt was excellent but needs better support.Cant wait for the next game looks like its going to be a very Interesting season we are getting better.Anyone remember the game at carrow road years back when Keelan was kicking the ball out and it hit a defenders back and went in the net!!.
  7. I found the gills supporters friendly enough,the area is rough and the ground is ok but thanks god it was not raining! if you go next time take a coat.It took me back to the old river end days.
  8. Sorry mate i am on the same side, i did not see holt do much in the second half,not his fault as no service to him, McDonald livened things up and looked sharp and quick,we would have lost 1-0 in not for the last gasp winner, mid way through the half I would have risked mcdonald and martin and looked for the winner rather than go home with nothing.and there again i would probably make a very crap manager! Holt did do a lot of work but needs to start scoring like he did for shrewsbury otherwise it is all wasted.
  9. I have just attended my first match this season as live near London,went to Gillingham ok the ref spolit the match and city''s rhythm, I will never understand why this stupid rule came in.  Norwich should have been 2 up in the first twenty minunets but we cannot score,I was not impressed by grant holt,alone up front for most of the game with little support and hardly came into the match except for the last 5 mins. Hoolahan was by far the best player on the pitch and I wonder how long we will be able to keep him.the game was a game of two halfs we controlled the first but they dominated us for 3/4 of the second. we had 3 strikers on the bench, Mc Donald was brought on far too late, and after his apperancewe looked like we might score.we should have taken holt off as well and put martin and Mcdonald up the front. If you are not getting goals why wait until its too late to bring on subs paticually when they are strikers sitting there.Overall I thought we have a chance but can see us finishing around mid to lower table at the moment. anyway the supporters were as always great despite the ground selling lots of seats twice and causing confusion with the security guards. and look on the bright side we will soon be playing Ipswich again! [;)]
  10. Thanks My fav other team is Liverpool and I love matches there, we have been badly let down by the board,with lack of funds available and money spent on stands and restaurants ect. bad manager appointments and bad signings.and no youth back up teams.we fans do not deserve this but the board think they know best and disregard the opinion of the true fans.Thanks for you article best wishes form a fan of a former club who had the world at their fingertips but blew it in a big way.
  11. There is only one reason we are going down,that is the board have starved management of funds for quality players and the players we have had have been poor,no Bentley,no crouch as we have had before but players from championship clubs who could not get in their first teams ,in effect a reserve team of loan players. so what did we expect.The club has been in meltdown since our relegation from the premiership.I think MacDonald will star next season in the first division but we will probably loose him to a better club.I think we will bounce back but it will take a season or two as there are some good clubs in that leauge now. A very sad time for our club and supporters who deserved much more.What more can you say we have no control over the club and the decisions made by the board.The Ron Saunders and mike walker days seem so distant now.It could be worse we could be Luton!!
  12. I think its time to be realistic I love city as much as anyone but we will go down,judging on the performance on Saturday and the fixtures we have left we are not good enough.It is too late,It will be very sad and unfortunately it will probably be on tv for all the world to see.I just hope we can make it back up next year as a stronger team.The thing to remember is it is only a game and people are starving in the world so things could be worse.If they prove me wrong I will gladly eat humble pie.good luck to the team it going to be an unpleasant end to the season.
  13. There is a slim chance we can stay up,but we have played most of our easiest games and have harder ones coming up.Brian Gunn is not too blame nor is Glenn Roader,look at the close season last year and here is where it all went wrong.we could have built on the fact we survived last time and spent a bit of cash and got some quality players in .look at the pink un web site and daily we were linked with quality players only to be pipped at the post by other championship clubs ,so we went for loan players and had to take what was left available.the players who came in were players who could not get a place at their clubs.No manager could have done any better with what was on offer.Money needs to be spent and our reserve team needs to be breeding ground as it used to be and produce quality players.It looks like we will lose Croft and a few more in the close season, it will be hard to get back up as Forest ,leeds and leicester have found.But lets fight to the end which may not be far away, but we have the best supporters atb this club pity the board do not appreciate us.  
  14. That must have been a long time ago as I have been a supporter since the sixties,cant believe people took me seriously!!
  15. I am probably the only person who is looking forward to div 1, we are out of our league at the moment and have been most of the season,we have not had a good striker all season and have relied on loan players other clubs do not want. at least in div 1 we will win a few matches and we could gather ourselves and return back to the championship and we will be in similar company and be better suited to playing at this levelwe have been on a downward slope since being relegated by Fulham in the premier and this is the result.also I live in Essex so will be able to look forward to visiting my local grounds of colchester and southend again!!. cheer up its only a game and I hope the board are pleased with themseves.
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