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  1. No, I hate them all. They are a collective group of individuals who all share the same attitude of the club and they all deserve to rot!! They have ruined us!! The sooner they go the better!
  2. I have wanted Delia gone ever since we got promoted and the little old norwich rubbish started coming out of her mouth. That perspective and attitude has ruined us. She should of looked further a field for investment, rather than just locally. That investment should of come when we were Premeirship. The board have made too many mistakes, too many wrong decisions and lied about too many things. Its their time to go!! I get behind the team all the time, and that will always continue but I want the board gone by the start of next season. I couldn''t care who takes over Norwich. She has ruined us and we are at a stage were we can not pick and choose investors. We need whatever is available.    
  3. [quote user="colneycanary"] It''s come to the point now, were i feel like running onto the pitch and throttling the pair of them. Fotheringham for all his misplaced passes and Cureton for wasting so many glorious chances to score. These 2 players alone, are letting the whole team down and not fit to wear the shirt! We''d be better off playing 2 youngsters than these 2 comical muppets!!! [/quote]   I really do wish people would stop singling out Cureton and Fotheringham for criticism. Yeah they might not be playing their best but they try, which is more than what our fans do. The whole team is to blame, including the number 13! Constant moaning and criticising the players will not help us get out of this mess. Although I don''t think anything will get us out of this mess now!! Our defence has been rubbish ever since we got promoted to the premeirship and we have not had a solid back 4 since then. We conceed to many goals and create nothing for cureton to put away. Yeah he misses some sitters and so does fotheringham but even the best players in the Premeirship don''t take their chances. I suspect that Fohteringham and Cureton or any other players will not want to play for us anymore after the booing and criticism they get, which is a shame because they might of been useful in league 1 We have been heading for relegation over the past 4 years and you cannot blame the players all the time for that. It is the board that have ruined us.
  4. [quote user="ncfc_board=no_ambition"] [quote user="row"]how did you work out that we have 6 games left on the 4th of march,, are we playing 2 games a day until then /??[/quote]   Oh my god, you are as thick as pig Sh*t, In fact cancel that Pig Sh*t has more brains than you. You should learn to read! Not  the 4th of March, Forth Thursday in March. Therefore the 26th March. Entering administration before then comes with no penalties, entering it after comes with a suspended points deduction!! Well the 10 point desuction is the penalty but we take it this season and not next season.
  5. [quote user="row"]how did you work out that we have 6 games left on the 4th of march,, are we playing 2 games a day until then /??[/quote]   Oh my god, you are as thick as pig Sh*t, In fact cancel that Pig Sh*t has more brains than you. You should learn to read! Not  the 4th of March, Forth Thursday in March. Therefore the 26th March. Entering administration before then comes with no penalties, entering it after comes with a suspended points deduction!!!
  6. [quote user="row"]yes and if youve looked at the table it would show you that most clubs have 12 games left at this point FOOOL[/quote]   I dont need to look at the table I''m well aware of our position. We have 11 games left and come the 4th thursday of march we will have 6 games left.  
  7. [quote user="row"]your all idiots,, if we go into administration now we get points deducted from this season and the start of next season, you clearly have no idea about the rules of football. Where you oblivious to leed''s situation when they decided to go into administation having already being relegated and the fa deducting points off them for it aswell as introducing the "12 game rule" which stops clubs from doing it. you bunch of farming f**cking r*tards[/quote]   I''m not an idot and I am not a farmer. I do know the rules of football but maybe not those of administration, however a quick search of the internet will find the rules of administration and the example of leeds united. What exactly is the "12 game rule" ?(idiot)  League closes 10-point loophole The Football League has closed the loophole that allowed Leeds to go into administration without suffering a 10-point deduction for next season. From next season any club going into administration after the fourth Thursday in March will have their 10-point deduction suspended. If the club is relegated the points will be deducted from their tally at the start of next season. If the club stays up the 10 points will be taken off their final total. The club would then go down if the 10-point deduction subsequently resulted in it slipping into a relegation place. The rule change was passed unanimously by the 72 chairmen of the Football League at their annual general meeting in Portugal. Football League chairman Lord Mawhinney said: "I am delighted that clubs have backed their board so strongly on this issue. "The changes we have made today enable the League''s ''Sporting Sanctions'' regulations to remain true to their original aim. Leeds went into administration on 4 May - and the automatic 10-point deduction saw them relegated to League One. However, the Yorkshire club were almost certain to be relegated anyway and in entering administration avoided starting the following season minus 10 points. Meanwhile, Boston United went into a Company Voluntary Agreement on 5 May, during their last game of the season - when they were losing at Wrexham and set to be relegated from League Two in any event.
  8. Does anyone think we will now enter administration before the end of the season? After todays results we are down and might as well start planning for next season. If we take the 10 point penalty now then we start a fresh next year? My hatred for the current board has got so bad that part of me hopes we do enter administration rather than allow Delia to get some money back. Delia and her board of clowns have invested millions and it is clearly obvious they want some of their money back. (They would of accepted new investment by now otherwise). I personally would like to see them get nothing back and loose everything!!!! They have destroyed our club and turned us into a small club with nothing!!! So I hope they get nothing from any potential future sale of the club.  
  9. Protests against the board have to happen. but I hope they are left until we are deffinatly down. I hope its not as bad as the chase out riots when seats were trashed.... However i suspect it could well be. The current board have ruined us with their years of negativity and little old norwich perspective ever since we got promoted to the Premeirship. A little bit of ambition shown upon promotion and we would not be in the mess we are now. Delia Out!!!!!! Doomcaster out!!!! Munby Out!!!!! Foulger Out!!!! Wynn Jones Out!!!!! Get them all out!
  10. Your right, the damage has been done. Its just getting worse. The part of the article that sums the board up for me is the part where the playing budget is double what a club with the supporter base that Norwich enjoys should expect..... How negative is that? We have bigger crowds and more supporters than 90% of the championship. How can we have a wage bill of 8 million? We dont even own hardly any of our players. The board have got it all wrong and have obviously paid riducolous amounts of money on players.
  11.   Thanks for everything Delia and Michael but its time to wave goodbye! You have done all you can but your little old Norwich perception has ruined us!! Please dont destroy our club anymore!
  12. I didn''t see any gestures made by him to the crowd but if he did then it was truely rightful of him. The way Marshall was treated yesterday was unanceptable in our current fight for relegation. The crowd moaning at him nearly cost us the game in the last few minutes!! You forget that it is only the players that can keep us up now. Can''t see it happening though! Yes he makes mistakes but doesn''t everyone. Im sure you''ve made a few in your life time, getting on the back of players at this crucial stage is one crucial mistake!!! We will never get 1.5 million for any of our players. The administraors will sell them all for whatever they are offered  
  13. The boards lack of ambition and continued small/ little old norwich perspective is what has put this club in its current state. We have been on a downhill spiral for the past 3 or 4 years and Delia and the board are the only ones to blame. Money was not spent at the right time in the premeirship, we have sold countless quality players and signed rubbish to replace them, Built a stupid hotel, that we made £1 million from instead of a stand that we would of made much more from!. Delia had done a fantastic job up until the premeirship, but that was one step too far for her and our board. There negativity and perspective of the club is just all wrong! Maybe now we are going to be little old norwich and the board are getting what they want! We are heading down and out of business and that is the boards fault. I expect we will enter administration before the end of he season!!!   The fans in the barclay (and anywhere else in the ground) today who were booing at the end, moaning at Marshall, should be ashamed to call themselves supporters!!All we can do for the remaining 12 games of the season is get behind the players 100% and hope we stay up. If some fans are going to struggle to get behind the players then I suggest you all stay at home because the players do not need you on their backs at this important stage of ncfc''s history! We nearly lost in the final few minutes because of the jeers coming from the crowd. I for one leave my moaning and negative comments for when im out of the ground and never reflect them towards the players!! After all they''re the only ones that can save the club from relegation.
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