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  1. Totally agree!! Just posted something similair, we are in trouble, real trouble!!
  2. We are the only team not to score at Wigan this season!!! With 1 win in 14 how and why is Hughton keeping his job??? Its an awful run, but its not unlucky Norwich, we are not even creating chances, not having shots on target, so its not bad luck, we are woeful under Hughton, too negative, too defence minded, the mind set is don''t lose at all costs!!!
  3. I rarely message on this board, as I dont want to waste my time, BUT I have to agree with you!!! Too negative, too boring, always hopeful for a draw, and its coming back to haunt us!! Hughton can go and buy a big time striker, but it will make no difference!! We are not creating chances, we could have had Van Persie upfront today, and he wouldn''t have scored either!!   We are in trouble, and its Hughton''s fault!!!
  4. Hellllllo Nal, I wasnt at the game today, but i wanna know why didnt Lambert play Huckerby??? .... Helllllllllo Nal, you there???
  5. Yeah i agree it is a guess .... but im not one of those berty bullshitters who comes on claiming to know a friend who knows a friend, or knows a taxi driver who''s just dropped so and so off at the club lol. As i said you listen to David Mc Nally''s interview personally i can not think of anyone else who fits what he was talking about. Its just a view mate!!!
  6. Cheers Googler, and yeah your right having sifted thru this site a bit, his name has popped up before, i cant believe people are just dismissing him tho, i think he''d do well here!!
  7. yeah but he''s been much more successful than Bryan Hamilton ever was, only last season he got Wycombe promoted ...... seriously you listen to that interview on radio norfolk again and he does tick all the boxes that David McNally said!! I think he''d do well here!
  8. Hi All, I have no foundations to base this on, no contacts no friends who work at the club or in any supermarket lol ...... but listening carefully to what out Chief Exe had to say, about it being an experienced manager and a very good coach, someone who has a proven track record, someone who on the training field will work with the players and make them improve, someone who is at another club at the mo, although i think the club is too small for him, and he got them promoted last season ....... MY GUESS IS ............... Peter Taylor at Wycombe!!! Personally i think he would be a great manager, and a great coach. Ok to be fair he buggered up a bit at Leicester, but he did have to take over from Martin O Neil, that is a near impossible task!! But every where else he done ok, even well and he is a great coach with the experience!!! Thoughts please folks??? ..............
  9. Well i was in Asda about 90 mins ago, and im sure I saw him in there, he was talking to a big dark guy who i assume was Carl Cort!!!!
  10. Very funny post, had me laughing - and agreeing with it all!!!
  11. Can you imagine life in the Neil Doncaster household - Him and his girlfriend ..... Girlfriend "Yawm,i think i''m going to go to bed Neil, you coming up now as well??" - Neil D "That is a good question, and when i have something to announce, i will announce it" Girlfriend "As your so good at relegating teams, maybe you would like to go down on me tonight" Neil D "Thats a very good offer, one that i will think long and hard about, but either way i would like to add a clause into the possibility of that happening"
  12. [quote user="Viva_Marc_Libbra"]It''s probably Doncaster mate. I agree with you, the club has been in decline they admitted poor decisions themselves, so whoever it is sticking up for them is a pr*ck[/quote] Lets all have a party!!!!!!
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