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  1. [quote user="I Am A Magic Mushroom "]??????[/quote] ?
  2. its not as if we actually sign or keep anyone decent anyway
  3. The fact that we are interested in signing central midfielders makes that post plausable :)
  4. okay ignore the last post, i got confused :)
  5. I think seeing that we have signed 2 central midfielders, that clingan is definatly on the way out I agree that no body is really going to want pattison so we will be stuck with him
  6. wish i could have seen that if im honest, to bad none of us could have the skills to do it :) i know i would if i had the chance
  7. You cant really rinse someone for being on the message board when you are on it yourself..
  8. i have no need to have common sense for a country that i have never been to, why would i need to know how to spell it. so errrrrrrrr no
  9. why would i know how to spell his nation, why would that really make a difference, sorry i dont have a dictionary handy...
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