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  1. Once he had filled his car did he buy some coke too ........................and maybe a mars bar lol
  2. Delia''s omeltte with nuts, has a ring to it..............or DOWN  for short 
  3. If true and god hopes it is............only one person to thank................................Mr Gunn ,say no more
  4. Love Gunn to bits, dont think he is all to blame, but it is clear to me that no one else wanted the Norwich job in Jan so Gunn was a " make do measure" and crook and Butterworth were to keep fans happy. I think Crook and Butterworth will stay. If the board wanted Gunn he would have been named already, but if as I think the board are looking elsewhere and if the same happens again and no one wants it Gunn will be offered the position again, surely we as fans deserve better and surley Gunn doesnt want to be a " you''ll do manager" we all deserve better. With no manager at the moment who has say so on who is being sold? if a new manager comes in he may well have wanted some players to stay.  What a mess.   Win or lose hit the booze
  5. Shout at the wife and kick the dog...............................................saves me doing it when I get home
  6. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1539907,00.html   see what you think
  7. Is it just me or does Bryan Gunn''s photo on the ncfc offical website under the heading "Sterling performance"  make him look like Edward Elizabeth Hitler (Ade Edmundson) from TV''s comerdy series Bottom???????????? or are they one of the same.   Keep it going Gunny
  8. the best norwich manager was an ex goalkeeper and our worst was a scot..............
  9. Lets face it over the dcades all good norwich managers have been promoted from within, its ony been the last few years that we hae tried bring in new managerial bloody and we all know that just hasnt worked. Give Gunny a chance, under Roeder we were doomed so anything nows a bonus. Come on you yellows.
  10. I''d struggle with Glen Roeder being given a 2nd chance. Lets face it anything and I men anything has to be better that the last 2. I''d like to see Dave Williams back somewhere at Norwich maybe Mark Robins No 2????
  11. BIG MISTAKE APPIONTING Roeder   even bigger one letting worthy go,  who ever we get next when     Roeder goes please dont let Dave Stringer be on the Appointmen panel as he was on the last 2 appountments  Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
  12. Yes 7 goals is great, but Lita is off in Jan so need to fill his boots, as you rightly say we are broke, now if Lita was not on loanee but a player we had bought he is worth something to us but loaners only help out then are gone leaving a void and with no money it''s one big loan circle. Someone help Delia bake another cake so we can get some money.
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