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  1. When we play Charlton in the Fa Cup 3rd Round Reply there will be the 1st OFFICIAL Roeder OUT protest!   Who will be there?
  2. roeder selling our top players? we go into admin ??     whats yours?????
  3. out of all Roeders signings who would you keep and who would u send back?   Omosuzi - send Stefanovich - keep Kennedy - keep Bertrand - send Clingan - keep Hoolohan - keep Lupoli - keep Lita - send Bell - keep Pattison - keep Sibierski - send  koroma - send Cort - send Pearce - send Henry - send Bates - send Camara - send Velasco - send Rigters - keep Taylor - keep Gibbs - send Evans - keep Grounds - send Archibald Henville - send send=14 keep= 10  
  4. [quote user="ncfc90"]You mean Bristol Rovers, not City[/quote]   cheers mate well spotted!
  5. there only mid table in league 1 not looking at promo and would love a new challenge!!!
  6. aged 26 6ft 2 in height English i give you (drum roll) Rickie Lambert, he has got a great scoring record athis last 2 clubs (bristol city-current & rochdale) at rochdale he netted 28 times in 64 appearences = a goal every 2.2 games!!! at bristol city he has netted 18 times this season alone! but in total he has scored 38 goals in 99 games!!=thats equal to a goal every 2.6 games!!   we may be able to get his services for around 500k and he could turn out  to be someone very special! I have seen him in a few games and he really looks hungry and eagar to score!!   Come on Glenn take a punt on him!!  
  7. ... either end of this month or end of season!   www.roedernowhere.co.uk [:)]
  8. pc.plod - stop it with the silly posts to make u look good!
  9. he scored 2 yesturday good goal record!    he scored 62 goals in 87 appearances.
  10. lupolis start game to goals ratio is better than litas so were better off bidding for lupoli!   Lupoli has also been highly rated on the left wing so he is a much better player to have!!   LITAjust has a well known name, lupoli is still being created!
  11. but if we play orient then we may not play to our best where as playing utd we may up our game!
  12. who would rather united?? who would rather orient??
  13. forest green vs derby DID YOU SEE ROY CARROLS SAVES hahahahaha USLESS GOALKEEPER!!
  14. I am a season ticket holder and have seen all of the home games this year and am suprised that Roeder wil not play young NORWICH players instead of young ''prem'' reserves to help the parent club! All we must do by the end of this season is; -Get rid of Glenn Roeder -Keep all the kids from going on loan for another season. -Take any possible wage cuts By doing this we will have our own Norwich team which will be passionate and want to win! Although we want our kids to play week in week out we must only gradually blend them into the team, so only play one for 5 matches or so and then start the next one. Obviously depending on what team Roeder will have left us will depend on which positions will be more avaliable. But at the moment we have a lack of strikers in the team, so Renton and Martin are on the brink as in Daley, so these would soon be happy to take the #9 and #10 shirts! Because of less wages we would possibly have money around for transfers which we should look no further above(championship / premiership) than league 1 for players as they will be very hungy to impress.
  15. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]Lita cared, Evans cared, lots of them aty very least try for there own careers, but some players like Evans and Lita show they wanted to play for Norwich, and im sure if we where a Prem team, both of them, and most of other loan players would come back, as we are a good team, with good fans, and good facilities [/quote]   im not sure he did tho evans did for sure !!!
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