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  1. Sorry Ali, I dont agree... I think the Doc has been good since he''s been back from injury, must more assured since the Shackell partnership last season. Also the doc is recognised as one of the quickest players in the squad... perhaps not turn of pace speed, which is why sometimes his hands tend to ''roam'', but he regularly keeps quick strikers at bay once going at full speed.
  2. Wow, I am shocked.... positve comments from the Wizard??? Keep it going!!!!! BTW I hate Palace and Jordan too!!!
  3. And did my parents not send me to school to learn proper English?
  4. Stuffed by a monkey cook.... I''m surprised Wiz or CT haven''t latched on to this. Mr Chops.... if you''re truly Jesus did you''re parents not start a trust fund for in year dot???? You must have plenty of money to buy the club after 2008 years of interest or has the credit crunch hit you too? I hate that duck.
  5. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Lord Snooty "]ha ha ! I liked the apprehensive "Errr". Given that apparently the club is now being actively marketed for sale this will sensibly mean that no posters on here will post messages hoping that Norwich lose matches in order to increase pressure on Roeder and the Board. So, I hope that Norwich beat Swansea on Saturday but how can anybody have any confidence that this will happen ? Funny thing is that I have managed to see 3 matches this season and although Norwich won one (Plymouth) I felt that Norwich should have gained at least draws from the other two. I saw the Coventry match and came away feeling that we played very well and although we lost we possessed the potential for a mid-table position at the very least. So, maybe we will come good against Swansea just like we did against Wolves.[/quote] I think the "Errr...." was in response to this thread. Or perhaps the Grim Sweeper stumbled across this message board and wondered if it was actually a Norwich City supporter forum.  Reasonable question, considering. [/quote] It didn''t take me very long to work out which users are looking to bring down the club. Has this message board been invaded by scummers?
  6. [quote user="blahblahblah"] I bet he''s never heard that one before. [/quote] Sorry, I didn''t realise he was hard of hearing. Ok yeah poor ''joke''. I think he has an easy job to do, finding someone who has at least £50 million quid lying around and has been a life long football fan of Norwich City FC. Hell... if I wasn''t £49.99999m short I''d be first in the queue.
  7. My confidence is starting to wane. I thought his substitution of Croft to bring on Pattison was negative and ruined the balance of the team. I think Rusty was so disappointed with it, he got himself sent off.
  8. I''m not sure how a ventriloquist is going to help us, his duck may be green but is no Captain Canary. Perhaps he can stick his hand up Roeders arse and improve his post match interviews?
  9. [quote user="Belaugh Yellow"]   A thumping norwich win, we should class for 70 mins agaisnt Preston before it went to pot, and i think agaisant swansea we will convert the chances we squandered agaisnt preston.   So i think 5-0 Norwich [/quote] Yaayyyy! Nice and positive, Belaugh!! Lets keep the hope alive....
  10. [quote user="wayne kerr"][quote user="Lord Snooty "] Any suggestions ?   [/quote] smudge ?  cluck ? [/quote]   Haha... looks like Peter Cullum to me...
  11. [quote user="Potless Percy "] Well we should be fresher, they played Watford last night in the Carling Cup, 0-1 well done Malky! [Y]   [/quote] Yeah well done Malky, just getting some experience before taking the top job here?????
  12. Better to be hopeful, than wanting Swansea to win, like some posters on here. I believe NCFC will win 4-0. I really, really believe it.  
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