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  1. Yes saw it, must have been filmed a few weeks ago I can''t remember it being that sunny yesterday.
  2. Larry I had spoken to this guy when he was putting a report together a couple of games after the two got on the pitch, he was telling a group of us about his experiences of the old firm derby matches. Agree with yr comment about no police today there was not any so cost saving but that''s sort of what I am saying how can the club justify these head stewards in front of the barclay on £45 - £50 a match not doing anything.
  3. I sat in the Barclay stand today and thought that the stewards went way over the top. A young chav stood up a steward asked him to sit down and he would not this then resulted in about 10 stewards all rushing up trying to sort the issue out, way over the top. The chav was then dragged down the stairs. The problem is the club are crapping it since the two supporters got on the pitch at the Colchester match, they got away with it because they had an internal investigation and some guy who used to police the old firm derbys up in Scotland put a report in. I saw this guy from Scotland at the match today making notes, what a joke the club are paying for this bloke to fly down from Scotland, paying all his expences etc. I imagine because he was here today the club did not want any issues so this is why the steward were told to go in like they did. Also it makes me laugh that the stewards go to all the effort to get the away supporters to sit down, yet they allow the barclay to continue to stand, sorry on my high horse now but what do the head stewards or whatever they are actually do in the Barclay??????, there are three who stand between the barclay and Jarrold doing nothing, let hope Mr Scotland all expenses man put that in his report. Anyway enough of my moaning good win today, was always going to be tough against a team scrapping for points OTBC          
  4. All i can say is that i am a steward and he turned up late for match and was seen legging it accross the pitch, if he was injured it did not look it
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