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  1. I agree that Roeder is the best manager we''ve had in a good while. He''s a proper manager, with premiership experience and a reasonably good record. He rescued Newcastle, no matter what people say, and that club is constantly struggling for one with a fair bit of cash. I have criticized his tactics in the past and still believe he should play with two wingers. But with Bell coming along nicely, I think we''ll see the tactics change. Bell can get up and down the pitch more effectively than Croft and defend. Having said that, Crofty has been unlucky and deserves a start on Saturday. Maybe GR was right about Pattison too?? But, one game does not make a season!He has brought in quality and I can''t understand the people on this board who are complaining. Citing Dion and Hucks......get over it. The answer is simple. Dion retired. You''re not gonna convince a 38 year old guy, who has had a wonderful career in football, to keep going through huge amounts of agonising preperation in order to play week in week out. He made his mind up. Simple. Hucks too is an easy one. He was on FAR too much money, obviously, and Roeder et al figured they could get probably three fairly decent Championship players at the same amount in wages. Remember everyone moaning at Hucks at the beginning of last season??? Let''s be fair, he didn''t play that well at all. I know he was hampered by a hip injury but he''s probably well happy in the States, raking some cash in and enjoying the sun. He''ll always have Norwich at heart and we just have to be thankful for the contribution he made while he was here. And he kept his promise. What a dude.C''MON CITYYYYYY!!!
  2. I agree with what you''re saying Jewish and I''ve been an advocate of this exact same point. My problem is that now we have the personnel to play in certain positions, we aren''t using them to their best abilities. I went to Stadium MK last night. It''s a huge, impressive stadium, as you''d expect from the architechts who designed the Emirates. The MK dons themselves don''t look a bad little team and their defense was incredibly tight. But Roeder insisted on playing the most bizarre formation I''ve ever seen. Hoolahan needs to play on the wing and instead he had this roving position which looked like he was spending most of his time behind the front two. Without crosses coming in, without cover for our left back and right back we looked exposed. I still don''t know why he refuses to play two wingers. Drury and Semmy had to push all the way up the field leaving us looking like strangers at the back sometimes. As soon as Croft comes on, he takes Hoola off!!!  Any brain dead moron, quadra spazzed and on a life glug could see we needed a proper 4-4-2 last night. My friend Neil was convinced we were playing 2-5-3!!! It was, frankly, ridiculous. Lupoli wasn''t fit, so why start him?? We were unlucky, because Marshall didn''t have much to do all night, but we are lacking any killer instinct. The ball was passed around neatly, but backwards. I haven''t seen such a negative display of football since I first started playing pro evo. You know? With the team they give you at the start of your master league??!We are desperately lacking that big number 9, but we all know this.So, we should get behind our team at Carrow Road on Saturday and make damn sure we pick up all three points. If not, and the discontented rumblings of the 2000 strong crowd last night would vouch for this, the protests WILL start. In my opinion, protesting won''t help. The board couldn''t care less if a few thousand people are shouting and it makes us look like just another club in crisis. However, I think some people feel so passionately about this it won''t be avoided. Let''s be honest, over a third of the crowd last night were Norwich fans and we deserve better.
  3. I am left only to assume that Wiz is an Ipswich fan, attempting to wind everyone on the board up!! I''m pretty new here, but I can tell from these inane ramblings that he has no clue, or faith, in matters regarding Norwich City. I''m off to watch us play MK Dons tomorrow and I for one will be cheering my heart out. We''ll probably put a second rate team out due to the "knocks" picked up at the weekend, but as supporters we should be getting behind the boys. Not lambasting new players or GR''s choice of player. I think he''s made some acute signings with the money he has (or hasn''t) got. Would like to see Semmy back in the side, but if Omozusi can start to use his more attacking sensibilities he''ll be great for us this season. In all, it''s is entirely fair to say that our side looks a heck of a lot better than the one GR inherited. He''s a proper manager, with proper contacts in football. I also agree with the above assesment of JK. He looks ready for the fight and if we can keep that troublesome knee in check, you''ll be thinking "Martin who....???"For god''s sake!! Coventry are one of our bogie teams anyhow, the boys haven''t played much pre season football. Give it time and we''ll be fine. We will sign another striker and as long as he can head a ball, and have a bit of muscle in the oppositions penalty box, we''ll be alright!!
  4. I personally don''t rate Howard at all. I think he struggled last season (both in the Premiership and when he moved to Leicester) and certainly wouldn''t be a replacement for Dion. I saw him play against us at Carrow Road and thought he may cause problems, but he didn''t do anything that showed me he had a good workrate. He looked, frankly, uncommitted. Then again, people moaned when Worthington signed Dion thinking he was past it, but what a mistake that turned out to be! It is true that I am reasonably worried about the season ahead, in terms of funds available and I''m starting to wonder what Delia is doing to our club. To me, fancy restaurants and hotels aren''t going to get us promoted. The point is, we need someone big and athletic to play up front. Roeder himself admitted that the Championship is a physical league, stating that having a "big, strong team" is the best way to succeed (see Bristol City and Watford). So far, I haven''t seen examples of that in the striking department!! Look at the friendly against Tottenham. I mean, I understand the quality in that side and didn''t expect a win, but playing a 4-5-1 and then hoofing the ball up field to a stranded Cureton is never going to work! Especially when he''s up against 6''2 of international defender. For either him or Lupoli to stand a chance they need a partner to play off. Sibierski would be my preferred choice, so let''s hope Delia sells a few more hamburgers in her new American Style Diner and we may be able to afford his wages!
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