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  1. So i have heard is that he was offered double his money at birmingham that we could not match.
  2. ***posted before I finished*** Why do you want to know where I buy my clothes from ? Are you developing a penchant for me?
  3. [quote user="mtv"]"http://www.ukfurniturecompany.co.uk/coventry/" "Couldn''t find any." Took me a while but I finally got it!!! As for xyz....bet you have a lovely time in your house at xmas. I''d like to say I feel sorry for you but I don''t, but it is a bit sad that you and a couple of other fools think that you have to be the ''fans police'' and judge people by your ''ard man'' standards. jump out from behind your keyboard and have a look at the real world, you will find lots of people actually smiling and having a good laugh. Oh and just for the record, I have not mentioned morph suits or any of my 7 sons .(Yep I did say seven!)[/quote] How can you say "not directed at me "you half wit ,now i see where your son gets it from!
  4. Is that suposed to impress me   well it dont and thank you i will have a nice Christmas wearing jeans and a tshirt like normal folk not a green gimp suit because i want to be looked at
  5. Something funny is in the eye of the beholder and lots of people dont find it funny so pipe up kent canary. Mtv why do we have to be an extra in green street for to find your offspring a tool ?
  6. Mtv whats your problem allways trying to justify your son and his mates dressing in a leotards like a trannys,if i was you i would keep quiet about that.
  7. You are commenting again about some thing you dont care about  ,you keyboard warrior,one hand on the keyboard one on the knob,enjoy my friend and comment away
  8. You must give a damn as you have spent some of your time to comment or am i missing some thing ? Mr T is expert in all matters of nicking people so wanted to know is unbiased veiw
  9. Is Graham the bloke your beat up liam and put in hospital?
  10. Arthur ,what do you mean about waiting for any excuse?how many of the lads do you know? Would like to hear Mr Tilsons views on the matter
  11. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Big Slob"]Haha Morty. I bet the Leeds fan who threw the bottle, perhaps the only crime here worthy of a ban, didn''t even get 1.[/quote] It really is embarrassingly pathetic. I would be interested to see if any Leeds fans got banning orders. [/quote] No leeds fans,and yes it was for singing "we all hate Leeds scum"
  12. [quote user="mtv"]The thing is Liam because you have upset this bloke you cant go to football and enjoy it now as you will allways have to look over your shoulder,just pleased it not me ! xyz, now I''m sure that it is not a threat..........but it certainly sounds like one, but no one, not even you, would be stupid enough to even suggest a threat on a public domain! Would they? Jacko...probably the most sensible post I have read on here.[/quote] How dare you suggest that i have made a threat,just saying im pleased i have not upset any "40 year NHS thug who has been in hospital  because of Liams heroics".  
  13. From what i saw is the morph who started the fight and then took a slap . Liam is that true or did you do the "thug". Hows your face and tooth mate it looked really sore as we got off the train?
  14. The thing is Liam because you have upset this bloke you cant go to football and enjoy it now as you will allways have to look over your shoulder,just pleased it not me ! Hogesar you are wrong mate ,most people i saw thinks Liam and his mate look like "prats" , If he wants to dress like that go to clown school not a football match
  15. As we walked over the bridge near the compleat  leeds bombed us with glasses ashtrays ,so a few of the lads started to sing "we are top of the league" and" we all hate leeds scum"and" Galatasary" and thats it .we have been charged with sec4 and obstuction of the highway. we went to court a few weeks ago and the courts droped the ban but now the club has banned us
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