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  1. The club have created a problem from nothing and this is because of their continued silence on the whole subject.  Apparantly not making a statement is due to confidentiality, I have no idea, it could be the truth or spin.  However if the club came out from the very beginning and said, we have a possible buyer, cannot say anything for obvious reasons but we are having dialogue/meetings and we will keep you posted, then at least we feel like we are being kept involved.  In other words they should have controlled what was in the media and not let Cullum do the controlling.  But from we what we know, which is all from the press, is that Delia and MWJ said no from day 1, were not prepared to talk until Aviva got them involved, I am sure that is not what happened, but why let us conitnue to think that.  I don''t quite agree with the put £20m in so I have control, what happens when the £20m runs out and we are not promoted, who pays the players wages etc etc... Delia?  Anyway we all have our own opinions and that is good. What I do find strange is Roeders comments, I would like to thank Delia blah blah for their financial support, not really sure what reaction they wanted us to have.  They must think we are pretty stupid, it was a bit like the Doncaster report when he said he drove to Bristol at 3 in the morning to sign Cotterrill, to be honest I couldn''t give a flying, its your job, end of, I don''t need to read about it, you will not get any sympathy, just like I wouldn''t for the job I do.  As Owners of the club it is a given nowadays that you will put some of your own fortune into the club, next time don''t try and rub my face in it. This probably seems that I am being negative, I totally appreciate what Delia and MWJ have done for the club.  I think with Roeder in charge we have a very good chance of being top 10.
  2. Hopefully those players will sign today, would then like another centreback and then it has to be full steam ahead with signing forwards.  Still think that there is a chance with Ameobi, Sibierski has not found a club yet, Rigters is another option, sadly wages will probably poo poo all of those potentials
  3. We have been linked with a number of players, especially over the last couple of days, hopefully there is some truth in some of the players.  Out of those players mentioned who would you want?  Would you be confident that Norwich have a chance of getting in the play-offs or wherever. Personally if we could get Bell, Lupoli, Thompson, Stefanovic, a covering right back ( the Fulham guy sounds promising but I have forgotten his name) and Ameobi I would be happy and think that the squad looks capable of having a successful season.  What does everyone else think?  No need to put responses of ''I will only be happy when we sign Kaka...''
  4. Good player, did well at Derby, I don''t think they wanted him to leave either.  Goind forward we could have some creativity.  Fingers crossed it goes through, I don''t suppose Norwich are too happy that it has been announced.
  5. If we sign him, then give him our support, end of.  We judge Roeder by his signings and available budget.  If we sign him as our frontline striker then that is probably going to raise a few eyebrows, however if he is 1 of 4/5 strikers, maybe second or third change then fantastic.  If he is only 1 of few signings on a very small budget come the end of August, then it goes back to the board, where is the money and why are you not talking Cullum etc etc.  But if it happens give him a chance which at the end of the day I think everyone will.
  6. I think we have a great chance this year, but then I think that every year and to be fair so does probably every fan in the league.  Consistancy is the famous word and if we get it, we will be up there, but on the other side of the coin, if we get 2 or 3 injuries, Cureton continues to search row Z, then we will be right in it.  But I am sure there are quite a few fans of other teams thinking the same, the difference for QPR, Reading, Brum, Derby and a couple more is that if this summer''s signings are a complete bag, they can go and get a few more in January.  It would have probably been easier to say ''I don''t know'', but you get where I am coming from...
  7. I think there are a lot of players that we have been linked with which as yet have not transferred to other clubs.  Players such as Gorkks, Ameobi, Rigters, Gow, Bell, Rasiek, Evans and probably others have all been linked with Norwich this summer and lets face it none of us would be surprised if they transferred/loaned from their incumbent between now and the start of the season.  I am not saying that any of these players will come to Norwich, but they are going to go somewhere, I guess the selling club are holding out for more money or making sure they get a replacement, similar to us with Shackell if the rumours are true.  At the moment we all know that the squad is nowhere near good enough to have a realistic playoff chance.  I expect up to 5/6 more players coming in, a goalkeeper, 2/3 defenders and 2/3 forwards.  Sadly, and I am crap at this but, we all have to have patience
  8. mmm, that sounds very unlikely.  If it doesn''t happen will you be telling us that there was a last minute contract glitch or there is a power cut at Colney or they forgot to lift the public ban at Colney so no one turned up or it has been postponed because Ameobi was seen in the building and they want to announce quadruple signing or something else...
  9. They now need to do something to keep the peace.  I do not suppose we will ever find out the facts about the potential takeover, so in order to move on, the club need to make an announcement of some sort.  However other than playing lip service the club will keep very quiet.  They are never going to annouce they have more investment, because that is telling the selling clubs what our budget is and as Doncaster will continue to tell us, we never talk about budgets in public.  Therefore I only think we will hear about new investment is after players such as Ameobi, Sibierski, Rigters, Evans or a n others of quality are signed.  If we do not then we can safely assume that no investment was agreed or ever there.  I am guessing that Delia probably took a bit of a kicking from the board for her comments at the RNS, because it went completely against the clubs policy.  Imagine if Roeder was about to sign X, deal is agreed with club and player and they then get wind of a potential invester because of delia''s comments, agent and club might be interested in some more money, which in fact might not be there, deal over, thanks but no thanks, comeback when you get the money...  I don''t think until after August will we ever find out details about investors.  Just my theory
  10. I guess we can expect a press conference from Glenn Roeder today, in the hope that it takes the board out of the headlines
  11. The problem for me is the complete lack of information that has been given out by the club, by keeping everything to themselves makes the fans think that there is something wrong.  All we know is that Cullum offered £20m and in return he would get the majority share, well that is like somebody saying, I will give you £50k to refurb your house, but I will own it, but its worth £150k!!!  So I don''t think any of us can be surprised that the talks have failed if Cullums objectives were the same as last October.  While the club keeps quiet, fans will continue to guess, get frustrated and if we fail to get off to a good start with average signings then the board are in for a Chase-esque last few months.  It has only been a few hours since the news has been published so there is still time, but why not come out today and explain, 1 why they could not agree, give the reasons, not bollocks and 2 explain Delia''s comments at the RNS.  They claim to have this great rapport with ''the best fans in the world'', well why don'' they start treating us like it. I would love us to find a Cullum type to bank roll a promotion push, but not if it is like our friends across the boarder and if a similar contract was proposed by Cullum then I would completely understand why there was no room for negotiation.  But tell us that is why, otherwise lock yourself in the board room, put the tin hats on and get ready for a very rough few weeks, which I don''t think any of us want.
  12. Why do so many people dislike Russell, most opposing managers seem to pinpoint Russell as an excellent player and someone who they would like in there team, but it seems the Norwich fans don''t like him, sorry if that is a sweeping generalisation.  Personally I think he is an excellent Championship player and I am glad we have him in our side.  Roeder said at the very beginning that to get out of this league you need to score goals, so it is a little surprising that as yet we have not added anyone in that department, maybe we are in for a Mark Robins esque signature - what a debut that was.  I would like to see us get 2 or 3 centre forwards, maybe 2 on a perm and 1 loan (Evans??).
  13. I thought we had plans to make it into a great big Whole Foods!
  14. If we can get off to a good start then who knows, I know there are a few exceptions, but I strongly believe that if we have a good first 10 games we will have every chance of being top 6 come May.  If by October we are up there then the atmosphere at Norwich is going to be excellent, the belief will be there, players will be confident blah blah blah.  I really hope we get off to a win against Coventry and we can all share in the delight, rather than talking about Cullem, Delia & Doncaster.
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