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  1. We''ve got Darren Huck-erby We''ve got Darren Huck-erby The game is all over now.... The game is all over now....
  2. Too right I wore that top - I was going mad!!! Even the Palace fans were encouraging me! They seemed a good lot... hope they go up!
  3. Hi all Yup, we''ve finally done it. The focus on Saturday will once again be on us. Let''s make a big day of it. I suggest a street party at Watford - for those that have tickets and for those that don''t !! A full day''s drinking! What do you say?????
  4. I hope Ipswich don''t go up. I really do. They haven''t played me much this season and I am most upset. I am leaving the club this summer and will go back home. I have no respect for Ipswich or the fans or management. No one likes me there. Yours, Martijn Reusner
  5. Hi all I''ll be going to the Palace game tonight (buying a ticket there) just wondered if anyone else was going..... I''ll be the one wearing the Norwich scarf (and possibly shirt) - the nutter that I am!! I''m prepared for a kickin!
  6. But don''t we want Palace to win tonight to maintain the pressure on Ipswich and the play off places. We DO NOT WANT In-bred-swich to go up via the play offs so the onus is on those teams just outside the play offs to really get in there and hope Ipswich have a bad last few games. I for one, am happy for Palace to win and seal Norwich''s fate. Like another message, Sunderland play again Saturday before Norwich so we may still go up before the Watford game. Just a thought.....
  7. Hi Well, I want to go to this game as it is near to me (South London) and as I play saturday football anyway, I have this weekend off! Promotion or no-Promotion!
  8. This is the first time I have been on this message board, though I read this site several times a day. I would just like to comment on a few of the messages that I have read so far re. the above issues. Firstly, it is unfortunate for those that have paydays after tickets go on sale. Unfortunately, this will never change (unless you have a nice employer who will loan you the money!) and it affects a lot of us! I play semi-professional football in London for a Ryman Premier side. I am also under contract and this means that I do not get to see Norwich that regularly. However, does this mean I am a ''part-time'' supporter??? I try to see as many games as possible, but due to my working and football commitments, this isn''t always possible. Instead, I rely on reports on the websites, reading views on the canaries messageboard and so on. I also recieve mobile updates, have bought merchandise from the Club Shop, and worship the ground that both the players and management walk on. I lived in Norwich for 17 years, and for the last 8 have been living in South London. On New Years day, I climbed over the gate beside the Barclay and new Stand and wondered onto the pitch. I tore up a bit of grass, put it in my pocket and drove home. Today, that same piece of grass is in the same frame as an aerial photo of the Ground (with new stand). I know I am sad, but this is how passionate I am about the club. I don''t think it is fair to label people ''part-time'' supporters if you don''t actually know them. Bare this in mind when you take a critical stance over the distribution of the Watford tickets. I myself, haven''t got any tickets but would so wish to have some. And yes, I too would pay very good money for them. So, instead of slagging of such supporters or the way the whole ticket distribution has been handled, let''s just thank the fact that we will boast a maximum away attendance and hope that for all those who do go, sing up for all those that couldn''t. One other thing.... does anyone know how many times Norwich have been on Sky TV this year? dangreenleaf@hotmail.com (for those that may have Watford tickets!!!!!)
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