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  1. Hi, i haven''t been on here in a long time so hope you are all keeping well. I just want to no if i am alone in my disgust at sky over last nights game? whilst watching the highlights i heard references from the commentators to ''chelsea taking the mickey out of norwich'' and ''you really would think this is a training ground exercise'' I think htis is disgusting and out of order. I have written a lengthy letter to Sky TV and will be submitting a tape to the television standards agency. I want to know peoples views on my action, and any other forms i could take. I will be happy to put the letter on this forum if people request
  2. So many Malky Moments to choose from. I dont no which is my favorite.. but i no many produce such happy memories. Wether it''s crashing a header into the back of the net (Stockport, Wolves 2001-2) leading us out at cardiff, the crucial tackles.. well i could go on for ages. Good Luck for the future Malky, me + my family wish you all the best in your playing career (except if you play norwich of course) and of course your health. David
  3. Another one bites the dust maybe another one bites the net! hey - he''s gunna score past you anova one bites the net   actually on seconds thoughts thats quite poor. i''ll certainly start up bout robin hood if ova''s will join in
  4. any out of contract footballer can sign at anytime when the transfer window is shut
  5. just heard the news that Carrow Rd is to hold an U19 international match on wednesday october 6th england vs. chech republic. shud b a gr8 game - anyone thinkin of going?
  6. I''ll just re-itereate at this point that i have no connection with the club at this point. To the Person who said that the PA system needs upgrading.. the actual system is fine. it''s a good amp and mixer, the problem lies in two fundermental places. There is no boosters in place along the wiring to the speakers (in wiring this length it is usually commenplace, so the sound can be ''''quieter'''' going into the amp, thus reducing feedback. And the hissing noise at half time comes from the Microphones being tested - again because these are radios they will pick up certain feedback. Regarding Music, i was under the impression that it is chosen by the ''DJ'' Any further comments welcome and i will draft up a reply when people have had more chance to express their views. Comments on the volume being to loud will definetly be included. Would also like to no - What would you NOT like to hear? (Britney Spears Singing ''Everytime'' is one for me) However, One Vision is choosen by the players, and if this helps gee them up i belive this should be left untouched keep well
  7. Adam - your ego is about the size of your rapidly expanding wasteline Mind what a pity his reputation round school is about as big as a peanut
  8. Hi, i was just wondering what your views are on the pre - match music at carrow rd. I hav recieved an email back from the Matchday DJ after my previous comments to him, and have been asked to send any further comments. What would anyone like saidSome Suggestions:What sort of music would u like?does having a playlist in the program mattetr?Volume?and anything else related you can think of
  9. Splat at home games, Cpt. at away games. Then again it is splat (Haven''t u noticed that?) But i must say, mascots often seem 2 b bits of clowns. For this reason im voting JOE ROYLE
  10. Personally i think that the no.9 shirt should be retired in memory of iwan
  11. Walking down to Carrow Road for the burnley game - with the buzz around the place after the loan players came in
  12. Most Inproved Player - Surprising, but Mulryne Biggest disapointment - McVeigh
  13. Ok the idea of this thread: Post anytime you see on a website/newspaper/television station norwich linked with a player complete with the source This could b interesting
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