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  1. Mister Chops, you''re only saying that cus I used to sponsor you! Joking asided I really miss the football days we had there, if only Enterprise Inns hadn''t been the evil money grabbing b@st@rds that they are, we may well have still been there now! To all my old customers have a brill 2010! From, The ex-landlord
  2. http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/results.shtml?n=rosary+tavern Check it out!
  3. Mister Chops, keep up the advertising and I''ll have to double the sponsorship!!!!! MGY come and have a pint in The Rosary before and after the game, great fans pub, think you''ll enjoy the atmosphere, good choice of ales too!
  4. follow, follow, follow;  follow the boys in yellow, when the scum are at crewe, we''ll be playing Manyou, follow the boys in yellow! loved that song, lets hope we hear it again this year!
  5. Wish we were, good player, part of the reason Barnsley stayed up and performed well in their cup run, think he scored against Chelsea!
  6. He was referring to Brian Howard at Barnsley, not Steve Howard our supposed target. Said some really good things about Semmy though!  
  7. Just to clarify, I hope we get him on loan, GR didn''t say that.  
  8. I caught most of it, he was saying how much he wanted to bring Ameobi to Carra rd but we simply cant afford him. Also seemed to question Newcastle''s asking price as he''s only played about 20 games in two seasons. Still hope we can get him on loan though!
  9. Unreserved apologies to the quite man, should learn to keep my opinions to myself! Humble pie time!!
  10. God you lot are so gullible, 1st post, no providence, why bother to reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  11. Keelan. best keeper we''ll ever have, if only he''d have been English!!!!
  12. no I mean yes. sky sports clockwatch  
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