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  1. I have followed the "racist Norwich fans" debate on here and elsewhere. As expected there is a mixed bag. Some very PC types, a few well out of order, but mostly "normal" fans. But overall you Canaries should be ashamed of yerselves... whether racist chants were made or not you have drawn ranks and started a damage limitation exercise. Most on here have obviously decided that that is what to do rather than denounce any racists you might have amongst you. 1) How can "Fat" be mistaken for "Black"? In any accent? Scouse? Norfolk? the Queen''s English? Give me a break. 2) A bottle was thrown. Most on here have tried to white-wash over that. Clearly not all Canaries are well behaved. The stewards at EFC are generally an understanding and friendly lot (Scousers generally are believe it or not). If that had happened at some grounds they would have steamed in and arrested anything that protested. I have seen that happen elsewhere. 3) It has been admitted here that "Paki" comments were made by Norwich fans. England got in real trouble after the Turkey game in Sunderland for chants like "I''d rather be a Paki than a Turk" 4) Disgracefully, some of you have tried to move the debate to one of obstructed views and poor seating. That is a separate issue. You probably know that Everton have been trying to get a new stadium but have not got a bean to spend. I will simply say FACE THE ISSUE! Whether you like it or not you are now tarnished and it is best you tackle it head on rather than make it worse by slagging off Rooney, Goodison Park etc. Good luck.
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