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  1. This is a plea for you to all get off backsides and not just talk about how bad the board is but take action. If you truley believe the board are not up to the job and are sending the club in the wrong direction you should be at Carrow Road this Sunday at 3pm to join in this planned Demonstration. It is also a chance to show your appreciation to Huckerby who will be attending the event. At the moment we are just people to fill seats to the board but we need to stand up and show the board the club means alot to us and without us the club would be in a much worse position. In order to make our views clear we need to turn out in numbers on Sunday. If you are a true supporter of the club and want a good future for the club I will see you there. Cheers
  2. Got to be Jimmy Smith. He is the worst player I have seen in a long time. Avram said he was pleased with the improvements he made whilst he was here, in that case I dread to think what he was like before he came to us.
  3. Would love to see etherington here, excellent player to replace Hucks
  4. Forget the Huckerby Demonstration what we really need is a demonstration against the board. We all know that the club are not going to re-sign Hucks but unfortunately we are still lumbered with this awful board. The current board is the worst we have had for years and I simply feel if they stay there is no future for the club. At the moment to them we are just numbers on papers and bums to fill seats to them and we have been for a long time. We need to show them that without us the club would not be able to run. We need to hold a demonstration to make our points clear such as the lack of money and the way the players are being treated. We need a board which want the club to do well and support the club. A couple of weeks ago on Radio Norfolk I remember Roger Mumby saying that Norwich will always be a YOYO club, a club that is always fighting for promotion from the championship and fighting relegation in the championship, this clearly shows the board have no aims for the club and do not believe and not going to try and make Norwich a permamnent PremierLeague squad as it should be. So that is why i propose a demonstration on Sunday 18th May on the day of the Greatest Ever event which all the board will be attending, it will allows us to get all our points accross and it will show the board exactly how much we love our club and that we believe the club has potential and something needs to be done. Maybe if we were to take action and not just sit back and talk about the problems the board might step back and take notice. Something needs to be done and something needs to be done fast before it''s too late!
  5. I agree this is by far the worst board we have had in years, we need a board who support the club and have the desire for us to well, this is why we need to demonstrate and make our views known.
  6. [quote user="archer4721"] Why not just protest about how the club has been handled? Forget about Hux. [/quote]   I agree i believe we should all get together and protest about the way the club is being handled. About the lack of money and the way players are being treated and forced out of the club, At the moment to them we are just numbers on papers and bums to fill seats to the board and we have been for a long time. We need to show them that without us the club would not be able to run and the importance of keeping the club happy. The current board reminds me of that of the robert chase era, we got through that by protesting, so lets do the same again for the football clubs sake!
  7. Everyone is dissing the fact nobody will be at the ground on saturday, so what about changing it to May 18th, the day of the greatest ever event, not only will alot of the board be there but so will Hucks so we can not only demonstrate about the way this has been handled but we can also show our support for Hucks. What you think?
  8. There is a demonstration on Saturday at 3pm at the main entrance of Carrow Road. See the Huckerby Demonstration Post for more details.
  9. A protest is the right way of action, even if just makes the board realise how we feel and that we are not happy with the current situation. It might make them sit back and give us fans more respect.
  10. To be fair we have to action. To be honest Roeder hasn''t worked miracles, we are playing no better than we were under Grant, the only way we were saved was through our fluke 13 match run were we didn''t play great, luck was just on our side. Roeder just thinks he can barge in fluke his way out of the relegation zone and then destroy our team, he''s all about himself and looking good and he''s doing it for show, it''s like the time Hoddle dropped Gascoigne from England, he did it for show and this is what roeder is trying to achieve and we have got to show hime we don''t approve. He is clearly not listening to the fans and that means he won''t in the future either. That is why we need to take action ASAP. I''ll know i''ll be there on Saturday and anybody else who cares about the club and the future of the will be to if they are true fans.
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