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  1. The latest on the rumour mill... My uncles cousin who works behind the bar at Carrow Rd saw a fax message that said James Youngs from a lower league side (currently managing in the Ryman league i think) is to be appionted before Saturdays match against Bristol City. Anyone know this guy/loser??
  2. Yawn - boring post Oli. Sounds like your the one who has no idea - wake up and smell the coffee, if this board and management team stays, league 1 football is a certainty!!!!  
  3. No theres only one way of losing, its when you come off the pitch with no points. Would much rather us win playing poorly, than lose but play well!  
  4. Hughesy and NCFC 91 so obvious your are sc*m! Why dont you go back to your own little message boards - ooops forgot theres no-one on there for you to talk too!! 
  5. Totally agree with you Headbanger, football is about winning, doesn''t matter whether you''re playing Man City or Mansfield. How anyone can be happy from a 1-0 defeat amazes me! Facts are yet again we lost and yet again we didnt score away from home, and thats what will go down in the history books.
  6. He''s having a laugh, we have squandered all the talented players we have had over the past few years, in some cases almost given them away!!
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