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  1. Yeah both adult tickets, to the right of the snake pit
  2. I have 2 tickets available, PM me if anyone''s interested
  3. Funniest thing since the kit video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqQGaDQMnWs&feature=player_embedded#!
  4. Got my A level results today not great but enough to get me in. Of all the places i am going to Colchester should be Fun.
  5. If i am wrong i do apoligise but does seem quite logical that as we couldn''t afford to pay loads of compensation to a club, the best man for the job (Jewell) is off to Bolton and he is one of the few who haven''t distanced themselves. After his poor attempt at leicester he will have a point to prove. Not a great choice but could save us from relegation.
  6. I have it on good authority that he will sign soon as our next manager, maybe tomorrow.
  7. Grants gone. ( Huge cheer) Delia might be selling to turners. ( big cheer). Maybe all the doom and gloom talk will end for a while.
  8. People might think its to early to slate Grant or might think he hasn''t had a fair go but it is quite clear he is tactically inept especially after what he said in the papers. just because alan pardew was confused by the team selection doesn''t make it a good one. so when the board find some ambition and get a replacement who would you want (within reason). i dont want to get you all exited because it may mean nothing but i just saw jose mourinho in asda.
  9. if Abramaovich had any intention of leaving he wouldn''t have sacked mourinho, he would have just gone
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