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  1. [quote user="astrodyne"]No, your crap old car analogy is wrong. This is a young man who can put the ball in the back of the net, not a jaded old has-been such as pieman. For the reported sums I would think this is a win win gamble. A footballing gamble.   [/quote] Ok slightly misleading analogy and granted he''s not an old player, but you''ve still missed the point. It''s all about how much each party involved in the transfer values the player. Stockport have a higher valuation of him than we do and therefore are prepared to pay more, simple. I wasn''t implying that Thomson was a crap old car, although I think he would probably turn out to be a Vauxhall Corsa at best.
  2. here''s a good page of stats. Seems he scored one goal every two games for Lille OSC (B). http://www.playerhistory.com/Default.aspx?page=player_details&playerID=88403 He''s also trained with Kluivert, hope he learnt a thing or two!http://www.patrick-kluivert.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t1527.html
  3. Excellent signings IMO. We now have the full back positioned sorted. Bring in another centre back, big centre forward, quick striker and an experienced keeper and we''re looking like a good side. Top work Glen!
  4. I can''t believe I''ve allowed myself to reply to this bottom dribble, but hey ho. Players are bought and sold based on the valuations of the buyers and sellers. If Norwich city value him at 50 k and Stockport value him at 100 K then he''s gonna go to tha latter. It''s a bit like having a crap old car that you''re trying to sell in the local paper. It''s probably worth more to you  than on the open market because at the end of the day it get''s you round town. If a professional dealer came and offered you the book price you''d tell him to stick up his backside. However if some local numpty came round and offered your inflated asking price you''d bite his hand off, that was Stockport. No disrepect to Stockport but Thomson is more likely to be a success at that level, score more goals for the money paid out on him and therefore Stockport''s valuation of him is higher.
  5. of recent years was Mackay and Fleming. Neither had much pace or great distribution but they read the game brilliantly, had great concentration and were hard as nails. We obviously don''t have enough cash to buy a couple of Martin Taylors, so buying an experienced centre back is the next best thing. Dejan Stefanovic fits our budget, let''s hope that saving will mean more cash spent elsewhere.
  6. My mate is Adam Drury''s milkman and he says that you can get a good deal on gold top at the moment as it''s not all that popular.Please, give me a break...
  7. looks good to me, strong in the air, obviously an eye for goal. Can he make the step up? Kevin Phillips and Les Ferdinand came from non league and had great careers, take a punt I reckon.
  8. This would be a great signing. Shame he''s not a right back but he''s a good centre back (left sided to replace Shackel) and has played left side of midfield. Fits into Roeders''s inbetweenie category and can play 3 positions. Worth a punt, what do you reckon?
  9. The priority at the moment must be a centre half and a centre forward. Get those in place during preseason before the friendlies start and I think we''ll be ok. If we''re lucky and don''t get any injuries, our first 11 will be good enough to make a positive start to the season. Then we strengthen the sqaud before the end of August, get a few high quality loans in during September and then reaccess in January to see what we still need. Look it really isn''t that bad a team...                                       Marshall Semi               Doc               New CB            Drury/Bert Chadwick          Clingan          Fozzy/Russell         Hoolahan                                 Curo         New CF
  10. Ok so this is good news, the Doc can cope with big physical strikers and will win most stuff in the air but we desperately need a quick centre back to play alongside him. I don''t think we''ve had anyone in this mould since Kenton left. Ok he had his faults but one-on-one he rarely got beat.
  11. I think we can probably take Doherty and Lappin out soon. A lorra lorra work to do our Glenny (not sure why I came over all cilla there, perhaps it''s a sign, a scouser is on hie way! But then that would be straying into the dodgey territory of wizards and elves etc)2 x Goal Keepers  –   Marshall, _________ 2 x Left Backs  –  Drury, Lappin 2 x Right Backs – _________, Otsemobor 4 x Central defenders – Shackell, Doherty, _________, _________ 2 x Left Mid – Patterson, Hulahoops 2 x Right Mid – Chadwick, Croft 4 x Centre Mid – Clingan, ___________, Russell, Fotheringham 4 x Forwards – __________, Cureton, __________, Martin
  12. I wouldn''t be suprised if this was a loan, someone who can keep semi on his toes. I also wouldn''t be suprised if this is one of the positions that''s filled by a multitasker - like a Steen Nedergaard!
  13. 2 x Goal Keepers – 1 experienced, 1 young but talented2 x Left Backs – 1 fullback, 1 wingback2 x Right Backs – 1 fullback, 1 wingback4 x Central defenders – 2 tall, 2 quick2 x Left Mid – 1 solid, 1 attacking2 x Right Mid – 1 solid, 1 attacking4 x Centre Mid – 1 holding, 1 attacking, 1 box-to-box, 1 creative4 x Forwards – 1 big, 1 poacher, 1 quick, 1 who can play in the hole So what do we have so far...2 x Goal Keepers  –   Marshall, Gilks (but should have kept Lewis IMO) 2 x Left Backs  –  Drury, Lappin 2 x Right Backs – _________, Otsemobor 4 x Central defenders – Shackell, Doherty, _________, _________ 2 x Left Mid – Patterson, ____________ 2 x Right Mid – Chadwick, Croft 4 x Centre Mid – Clingan, ___________, Russell, Fotheringham 4 x Forwards – __________, Cureton, __________, Martin Reserves: Luke Daley, Damon Lathrope, Kris Renton, Michael Spillane, Robert Eagle, Declan Rudd ConclusionWe need 6 players. Then use loan players to cover injuries etc as the season progresses.1 x Right Back2 x Centre Backs1 x Attacking Left Mid1 x Attacking Centre Mid (e.g. Damien Francis)1 x Big Forward, 1 x Quick forward
  14. no. I''m glad we''re not there. We''d be knocked out by now and it would all have been a big embarrassment.
  15. A good point sir. Also is it me or is glen the kind of chap that would wonder round a pound shop asking how much stuff is. I can understand getting value for money and not paying over the odds, but surely there comes a point when one has to put ones hand in ones pocket or one comes away empty handed and empty pocketed.
  16. It''s rubbish, the transfer window opens, we all get excited and then nothing, another no news week ensues. The club website still has a boring story about Carolan leaving, who gives a ****, and Archant have started talking about transfers down the road, even Waghorn''s excellent site is struggling to find scraps to talk about. Why don''t we all go on holiday and come back in a months time when perhaps something newsworthy happens. And one last thing, Ameobi for 4 million, give me a break. Surley no one is stupid enough to try and get that one through the purchase order system, Stoke certainly aren''t! My transfer tip for the week is... Jermaine Beckford.
  17. excellent, i''ll look forward to mid-table mediocrity with a slight lump in my pants then...
  18. we''ve been here so many times, it''s just a great forum, end of...
  19. Where are you Cherokeeathekeg? I miss the mixed-up crazy dude and his rambling posts about loosing his keys etc etc and his enthusiasm to embrace english footballing terminology.
  20. exactomondo we8wba. i think he would provide the goal threat from midfield we so sorely miss. he''s differen to Fozz and Rusty (he''s better!) and I reckon could be one of the buys of the season at this level.
  21. no real rhythm in their song writing though, perhaps that''s why you''ve under achieved recently, players will play to the rhythm of your voice.
  22. No not the pint sized ex. monkey who also starred in Coronation Street, but the extremely talented and creative midfielder currently with derby and was at man united. Available for about 1 million. Got to be worth a pop, what do you all reckon?
  23. oh give me a break this makes me laugh. ok he''s quick and he can score against us but other than that he needs more chances than andy cole to knotch. good luck pompey if you spend 2 million on him, not a prem striker imo!
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