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  1. but what if we win games under him, if hes still caretaker and we win get 9 points from 12 over the next 4 games what would u say then, will u still be asking for him to not be made manager
  2. the reason she bought the club so cheap was because the club was in fact near extinction, i mean why would u pay full price for a club that wasnt, the fact is that the bank wanted there money and werent prepared to wait so they wouldve come in and flooged off the assets cheaply, this is what happens, look at scarborough, they were only in 2 mill of debt and they were closed down by the banks wanting there money back, this is the realism and this was bought to light before delia cam into charge,
  3. heres royals management stats Team Nat From To Record G W L D Win % Oldham Athletic July 14, 1982 November 10, 1994 608 225 218 165 37.00 Everton November 10, 1994 March 27, 1997 118 47 35 36 39.83 Manchester City February 18, 1998 May 21, 2001 171 74 50 47 43.27 Ipswich Town October 28, 2002 May 11, 2006 189 81 60 48 42.85not bad if u ask me has always won more than lost
  4. any one of u considered what it would be like to have dave stringer and steve foley working together as management of our beloved club, they were both here when we played beautiful football, they both have love for the club and they both have done extremely well since leaving and have fairly high levels of experience, if we are to win games we need to play attacking passing football and both of these were here when we played such football, any thoughts
  5. crook would make a good manager, but not yet h will need to be a league 2 manager first to learn his trade, yhes had reasonable sucess as a coach at teams that have about as much class as conference sides, i dont even think royale is the man for the job as some fans wont like the fact hes managed the binners, anyway one person that would do well has already got some experience but no one seem to have hardly mentioned is david o leary, what do u think to this person, or does anyone know what tony adams is doing these days, i know he was at pompey but is he still there would he relish a chance,
  6. to be honest would those that are slagging off the board be doing so if we had of stayed in the prem, were they slagging the board off when we got promotion, would they have been slagging them off grant had worked out, this is the thing withg a gamble, every team takes a gamble now and then and sometimes it doesnt pay off thats the problem with a gamble
  7. how many ncfc board memebers does it take to change a light bulbnone at first theyll get donc to come out and say the bulb doesnt need changing and when they finally realise it theyll blame the manager for not changing it ages ago
  8. what ever peoples opinions are on the two eras, delias and chase the main thing is that we need to get away from all this past glory business and concentrate on getting the team more glory in the future, and no amount of bickering between fans is gonna change the fact that there is indeed a problem at our club and that problem has been slowly developing over the last 15years, problems need solutions and theres always a solution to every problem that might not be apparant at the moment but we never know what tomorrow brings, so instead of living in the past on what we have done and what has happened and whos fault is it why not try debating on finding a solution to these problems and debate whats best for the club, i for one feel that unity and togetherness of supporters and not hatred and bickering can help to start to make things better, we all love this club and hate to see the state we are in at the moment but as before things can again get better, heres how i feel we need to start to try to work things better, instead of boycotting games go support the team, show your love for the team and help them get there confidence back, protest just the board, do this before and after the match, dont boo the players, although its ther fault we aint winning its not there fault that they had a manager who was inept at manging the side, it wasnt the players fault that they got no support form the club, the team needs supporting and if the board wont support them then we as fans should, protest out side the ground but dont protest the players after all there the ones we need to perform and help us win, lets try and get the board out but it needs to be done properly, has anyone thought about signing a petition and sending it to peter cullum showing how much support hes got for a takeover of the club, im sure that if delia was offered then shed sell, what we dont need is to see 13 year olds at matches scared because protests have gotten out of control and clashes with the police happen, and what we definately dont need is for the players to feel that the fans dont want them here this helps no one. pressure needs to be put on theboard to give it up and sell, but it shouldnt come at a cost to the team.
  9. [quote user="Cluck "][quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Glasgow SUFC"][quote user="Mr.Carrow"]I know you`re being friendly so i hope you won`t take offence but this statement is ridiculous. The population of Norfolk and Waveney (N.Suffolk) is over 1 million. Probably at least half of Southend go to Upton Park/Arsenal/Spurs for their football- where can the people up here go? NCFC have a huge captive market of potential support which is why we can still sell 20,000 season tickets despite being sh**e! I wish Southend well but i think as a club which rarely fills a 9000 stadium, you will end up like Bradford, Darlington,Stoke,Coventry or Plymouth with a big, shiny new stadium but swathes of empty seats at every game. [/quote] As long at the Department of the Environment don''t think that then we''ll be fine. You''d be surprised, before I relocated from Southend, it was as you painted out a sea of big club shirts, whereas now due to the success of the team on the pitch in Tilson''s era (almost 4 years) as well as the huge amount of work the club are doing in the community, we are becoming a place that is [b]proud[/b] to support their local football team, much in the same vein as Norwich, your inbred "friends" from down the A140 and Portsmouth! Look at somewhere like Reading who''ve snowballed in size as a club on the basis of a "build it, they will come" mentality!  Also, supporting a London football team is becoming increasingly expensive, especially for a family, why blow upwards of £200 say for a home game when you can witness (almost as good a standard - I''m thinking of West Ham in particular here) just down the road for 40% of the cost? I for one, and there are many like minded Shrimpers like me, who feel with the current regime we''ll become more like a Reading or a Wigan in say 10 years than a Darlo or a Bradford! [/quote] Well if the people who run your club are as positive and ambitious as you make out then good on them [Y]. Football thrives on that kind of drive and inspiration so it may work out for you. Unfortunately my club-a club with real and obvious potential to grow and prosper- is run by negative, small-minded parochial types and supported largely by the same. We have sold out our ground for 90% of games over the last 4 seasons (how many clubs can say that?) and even our ultra,ultra conservative board admitted that demand was there to sell 35,000 tickets for every game in the promotion and Prem seasons. I actually think that this demand for tickets from an enormous captive market has been a bad thing for the club, as the board know that people will turn out for any old cr*p and have become ridiculously complacent-ignoring a team floundering on the pitch to pump any available money into their latest pet project off it. I hope not, but with the differing levels of aspiration at our respective clubs you may be leap-frogging over us in the near future....All the best. [/quote] Never have truer words been posted on here.....yet still they cannot grasp it.  Staggering. [/quote]i agree with you cluck on this one, the trouble is tho that even if people were to boycott the game by not turning up it still wont make a difference as most of the people that go are season ticket holders and the club already have your money so actually thyll be laughing at your expenses
  10. [quote user="C.T "]Aidey Boothroyd would never come back here [:(], his team are top with parachute payments.[/quote]please read post its not who i think will be manager but who id love to see as manager,
  11. why is it everyone assumes that our good times were down to chase, from what i recall we had some fantastic players which we didnt purchase expensivly this is why we did well because we had as strong team that wasnt put together with chases millions, what he did was actually tear that squad apart causing relegation, lacked investment in the team at  a time when he shouldve been investing and he took th club to the brink of recievership and days from being a scarborough ie no more,  he also  didnt back a manger  with finances when he had the chance, he sold our best players and didnt replace em, whered did all this money go hey, where did the money go from the sale of sutton and fox etcwat has delia done, several of you actually slag delia off but was has she done that is so wrong, well heres some stuff shes done right, invested her own money in the club, bailed us out and employed people to actually make th debt manageable which was so out fo control we were days from being closed down under chase, sold of th land to bring in much needed revenue, improved th infrastructure at the club bringing on more revenue, got ticket sales up and gate reciepts up increasing income for the club, she invested in the club when needed at a time we were pushing for promotion, (whos money do you think it was paid for loan fees for svensson, crouch and huckerby, and do u really think that the club made enough to purchase huckerby form selling shares to fans, i reckon she mightve helped out with some cash then to, what else has she done, oh yes allowed for a increase in ground capacity, gotten a improved sponsorship deal for the club, bought in two very wealthy board members with possibility of great investment in the near future, this club is financially stablised under the present board unlike it was under chasein my opinion yes delias reign has had a few mistakes but none to the extent of the likes of nearly closing the club down like chases reign didim not a dlia supporter but i can see the good things shes done for the club aswell as some of the bad things, and saying we had some of the most successfull times under chase is wrong the reason why we had those times down to th players we had which chase had nothing to do with getting in,what did chase do for the club sweet fa it was the players and the manager that got us to 3rd in the prem and to those 2 semis, and it was the players that had th great run in europe not chaseto quote the so called legend chase,  "if chris sutton inst here next season there nor will i be", and what happened he sold chris sutton and stayed, so full of about as much crap as donc
  12. all these names being touted around yet no one seems to have a clue, so just to find out what peoples thoughts are who would u love to see as manager, 3 choices each, well here goes im gonna get roasted for this but hey dave stringerMickey Adamsaidey boothroyd
  13. oh look 53 views and no reply, wheres th people that slag her off thn saying shes ruined the club, come on have i hit a nerve or does this ring some truths that no one wishes to debate
  14. its actually not much for a ceo of a company, anyone remeber the ceo of the primary care trust for norfolk hospitals giving himself a 50%payrise upto 980,000 a year, or the ceo of first bus paying himself 370,000, i can bet u this is cheaper then most ceos of football clubs,
  15. why get martin back, he left the club as he didnt want to be here anymore, he wasnt that succesful when he was here,
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