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  1. i am not laughing - i am serious. look how he turned the season around for Preston. it makes all the difference when a manager believes in you. from what i hear - Roeder never even gave the lad a chance. Canaries loss is - sadly - Prestons gain . we have no fight in our bellies !!    
  2. the players have no confidence in Roeder. he has no personality whatsoever. time to get rid before the rot sets in !!!  
  3. we had a target man and roeder let him go to preston !!!!!!!!!
  4. hope you are all embarrassed at the treatment you gave Browny while he was here. look at how he has grown in confidence at Preston under a manager that believed in him. his hard work and determination has been Prestons gain and our loss !! well done Browny and i hope you continue to do well. we miss you !!  
  5. are these 2 muppets supposed to be neutral in there opinions???for goodness sake get behind every single player tonight as they played out of their skins !!! one of them actually said chris brown wasnt one of their favourites ????? they should be behind every one of them on tonights performance
  6. its all gone quiet smudger!!!!!! why dont you actually go and watch the lads play and show some encouragement instead of arranging some sack the board demo!!!!! when are you going to realise that your on your own in this mission??  
  7. Roasting ?? erm i dont think so.!! yeah i saw them out and they were hardly  hammered !! leave the lads alone. after all it is there summer break!!
  8. are you and smudger joined at the hip !!!
  9. what a shockin thing to say !!!!!!! i am surprised you get away with posts like that. wishing injurys on players is a terrible thing !!   
  10. give the lad a break !!! i hope he has a stormer next season to prove you wrong !!
  11. any updates on Chris Brown. is he fit yet
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