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  1. I have been on holiday for two weeks in France, the only thing that I have kept up with is the scores. Just got home today and I hear that we have Paul Lambert as our new manager! Can someone catch me up on when and how this happened.Thanks in advance
  2. Im sorry, I havent had a go at the true fans, I have had a go at the idiots who call themselves fans.
  3. 3 Points off automatic promotion and people are moaning, theres just no pleasing some!Hopefully we can turn it around with only 45 games left!
  4. Let''s get this right he did not stick his finger up to a dozen fans but to a dozen idiots who do not understand what supporting your football team means and they should be put up against a wall along with the two who ran on the pitch and shot. It is about time that those who leave early, critisise Norwich at every opportunity and have unrealisstic expectations go and find something else to do on a Saturday afternoon. As I have said on other replies and on my signature people should look up the defintion of a Supporter; that is if they can read.I would rather have 20000 true supporters every week rather then another 5000 who think that because they had paid their money and watched Norwich for a short period of time have the right to boo our own players and have negative attitudes all the time. Yes it may be the lowest point but we are not a premiership or championship team any more we are a division one team who has lost their first home game of the season and the team need true supporters behind them
  5. [quote user="rjwc22"]I am as devastated as the next fan but really think some of the outbursts on here a getting a bit silly. At the end of the day, this was an atrocious result precipitated by some dreadful mistakes but it is 1 game out of 46. We have a new squad with no experience of playing together and they are going to take time to gel. Sure we need to make changes and players need to understand the level of performance that is expected of them, but hardly think this is a sure indication that we are going to be relegated etc as many posters seem to be saying. There was so much positivity on this site on Friday and do not think it should disappear so fast. I know I am going to get slated for this but feel somebody needs to say something that is not just complete doom and gloom. OTBC[/quote]Finally someone talking some sense!!
  6. A true fan is one who supports his team through thick and thin, no matter where he is or what he does.
  7. The only positive i can take from this game is the fact that we have 45 more games left, its not over yet!!!
  8. Im not saying it wasnt a disgrace, yes, to lose 7-1 to 25,000 of your fans is horrible. But i just dont see why most fans are seeing this as the beginning of the end!
  9. Because the thought crossed my mind.But if she did she would have probably got booed off or taken out by a swarm of angry fans!
  10. Yes the scoreline was the worst we have had and we played badly. But I think that we played worse against Notts the only reason that the scoreline wasnt as bad as today was because Notts were bad too, just not as bad as us. Like i said we were bad but not as bad as we have been, the scoreline was only made 7-1 by some poor goalkeeping and Colchester were playing quite well. Like their free kick and their 6th goal.
  11. When we lost 3-2 to Notts Forest last season
  12. Methinks someone has been editing wikipedia :) I had to laugh though
  13. I will just keep this simple.Yes 7-1 is a horriffic score to lose to at home BUT this is just one game. I have seen Norwich play alot worse than they did today, the only thing that was different was that Colchester capitalised on our bad play.I just think that it is a bit to far for most of the fans to be chanting "Sack the board" and "Gunn out" This is just one game we have 45 more games left and the season could go either way. I guarantee that if we would have won 7-1 today these boards would have been flooded with "We will walk through League 1" "Promotion here we come" threads. With the occasional "Lets not get to hopeful" thread because ITS ONLY THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!
  14. [quote user="Bouncebackability"]I don''t care what any of you say in reply to this, you will probably slate me! I stayed the whole match with the lads because I remember deciding I would stick with our team through anything this League had to throw at us... As i suspect much of you were a week ago when you were saying "we will walk this league" or "surely its an easy winn against Colchester on Saturday"... We know nothing about this league and have 12 new squad members... Why do we deserve to just walk it all? I agree.. They played s**t but come on.. Surely with 45 games to go you can''t seriously be that petty to want to "sack the board" or "get Gunn out"... Grow up.. Move on to our next match.. and the next... and the next...   OTBC!!!! [/quote]Fully agree with you!! I will always stay to the end of every game no matter how bad we are losing!
  15. It was Roder that sent us down, Gunn was just trying to make the best of a bad situation, granted he may have not done the best but i think the season was over way before Gunn was our manager. (Hoolahan getting injured didnt help!) Also i am glad that we now have a permant manager now instead of wasting more time, at least now the  rebuild can begin.
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