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  1. These tickets are still going spare, 4 tickets in neutral end, Open to offers
  2. Hi I have a couple of spare tickets in the neutral end if anyone needs one at a discount
  3. totally agree. Worthy is saying we only have 5000 loyal supporters. The mans a joke and now he''s turning on the majority who aired their views silently. I have never seen a lap of dis honour in front of so few fans in twenty years!!!!!   Hope Delia witnessed the majority voting with their feet.
  4. With regard to the great reception the players received. yes they did get a great reception but only from an empty ground. 5000 at the most, people voted with their feet today and left before Worthy came round with his players. You lot who listen on the radio and believe all the hype should get down to the ground more often. I watched from the bar and the ground was more empty than for some reserve fixtures.
  5. Just to clarify for those who were not  there, the lap of honour was seen by at the most 5000 fans, the vast majority displayed their opinion by leaving. I was watching from the bar area not wanting to applaud the dros that has been served up this season.
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