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  1. Has just scored from identical piece of play to Kane''s miss on sat with a week shot aswell could have been a carbon copy had Kane''s gone in
  2. Aparently according to daily mirror journalist James nursery ch is interested in Cameron jerome but has someone else lined up????
  3. Has been told he can leave Sunderland after he stalled on contract talks, hearing plenty of rumours he could be 1 out of 2 strikers we are interested in! Anybody heard anything?
  4. Grayson says they have come to a sensible arrangement to protect them, obviously they don''t have great hopes of him seeing the season out
  5. Everybody moaning about figures quoted about what the fee "may be" but Ssn are reporting that qpr have had a bid of 9m accepted for Dawson ? Who''s got the better deal
  6. the best goalkeeper we have had scince green by far, but there is no chance we will get him unless its on loan again, i no for a fact that fraser is still training with newcastle 1 or 2 days a week 
  7.  if that is a draw or brentford win  tho the game will be played then > http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/sport/football/norwich-city/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=SportNorwich&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=NOED12+Jan+2010+15%3A49%3A55%3A210  i think i would rather that happen as then alot more people can get  to walsall  
  8. seeing as the brentford game tonight was called off does that mean they will have to play it on the 23rd, meaning we can play the walsall game then?? It would be gd to get another big cround down there taking advantage of the free coach travel !
  9. looks like hes in charge of are game at luton  :( expect lots of dodgy decisions hes already cum under quite allot of stick "   Like many high-profile referees in top-flight football, Rennie has attracted criticism from within the game. In November 2005, he was mentioned in a remark by a stadium announcer at a Football League Championship match between Preston North End and Crystal Palace. It was announced over the tannoy as the teams came back onto the pitch after half time; "Welcome to the second half of the Uriah Rennie show" in response for Rennie not giving two penalty decisions in favour of Preston. [2] His refereeing came under criticism yet again on 16 December 2006 after Southampton''s 2-0 victory over Norwich, with Norwich manager Peter Grant claiming: "It''s scandalous the way he talks to players. He shows them no respect, and yet expects respect back. with this referee it''s all about him. People come top watch the players and be entertained, not to watch the referee."     "
  10. i have just seen on Sky sports that david marshall and chris brown are set to make there full starts for the club   expect the team to read:                                    marshall        collin         doherty         shackell         Dury   croft                etuhu         safri              huckerby                     brown                  dublin
  11. would be good to get these but ive just read that "Charlton have made a bid for Birmingham winger Julian Gray and also want to sign FC Groningen midfielder Stefano Seedorf. (The Independent) "
  12. Acording to radio norfolk, there man on the sports desk has just returned from a preess conference at colney and there is no news about players cuming, in that one, unless they are holding another 1 today 
  13. jst wondering has ne one got ne crazy plans for fancy dress or some sort of theme for the blackpool game me n my wig will be making an apperance ??
  14. Torquay might in a bad state of affairs at the moment but look at it this way: 1: if its that bad then they will be garrentied sum first team football 2: compared to are reserve league Torquay is a massive step up 3: they will be getting some experience, if u look at them now there not in the 16 for first teamgames week in week out and they have to wait around for a reserve game that can actually survive the weather to go ahead playing one game a month on average or if there lucky two !! this is no good for there future
  15. 4 of us are going from mildenhall leaving friday night  spending sat night out in bolton lets hope for a gd result
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