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  1. I think for me it was the Newcastle defeat where Alex Neil changed how we set up after this game. We have discovered we are not a team set up to defend and we don''t do it well either!
  2. The one positive of the night......we are 1 game closer to Hughton going!!
  3. I''d be very surprised if Utd make too many changes regarding the back room staff! SAF surrounded himself with a lot of ex players from Utd which meant a continuity of core beliefs and standards which Moyes will do well to leave in place. Therefore I''d be very surprised to see Phelan looking to move and also Hughton looking to bring in someone who''d challenge his authority.
  4. 4 - as it said in some of my school reports ''must do better''
  5. We need the win....settling for a draw doesn''t usually bode well (unless your CH) I don''t want to get to the Man City game needing anything and goal difference might come into it if we don''t get the 3 points available. Have to say I feel for the Wigan fans.....how do they go through that every season.
  6. ABC- We were one season wonders in League 1 and the Championship and now striving to stay a second in the Premiership, I can''t see how that success is not sustainable? What isn''t sustainable is scoring 28 goals this season with the amount of goals we''re conceeding. Regarding the PL departure, who was in a state of shock as you put it? I fail to see how Villa were a settled team when they were on the brink of relegation last season? Hugton said we deserved a draw on saturday against Wigan when they scored and we didn''t and didn''t have any shots on goal, again I''m mythed how that transpires? I''m happy to chat about stuff...if you want to be sensible if not we''ll have to beg to differ and see how things pan out.
  7. Ron - Have a little look around and you''ll see certain stuff from Derek Lambias, it may take a bit of digging but please feel free. I''m open to discuss it with you.....but fabrication its not.
  8. Abc-please have a think about your answers before scribbling them down....you have given me a chuckle for the night. I''d say under lambert our system was proving better than Swansea''s if they were more established in the championship and we only spent 1 season in the champioship. After all Leeds were more established in league 1 so does that mean their way was working better? If you have any of your spare material please pass it my way over to Hereford, many thanks. Regarding the lambert/villa debate, let''s wait and see where they finish at the end of the season. Lambert had a few extra weeks in post but took over a team that didn''t fair as well as what we did last season. Villa are on par from last season whereas we aren''t doing as well. Yeh Hughton has every right to expect the players to perform but we have the right to expect to be set up to go out and win rather than be set up not to lose. If you want some more reading material have a look at the stats from this year, the wins and goals material. Also, how many times has Hughton really given our players more credit than what he''s given the opposition? If you want to discuss it please come and chat otherwise I''d say stick to the novels you mentioned.
  9. The depth wasnt there but they played a lot better last season, what isn''t there is the belief from the players which was passed onto them from the management team! Football has a lot to do with confidence and belief and at the moment we have little of both.
  10. How can anyone say that villa are useless at the back based on losing 2-1 to Liverpool? Will somebody remind me just how many we conceded against Liverpool this season? Did villa not beat Liverpool earlier this season?
  11. Managers have to motivate as well as manage (like a certain PL) but Hughton can not motivate nor manage! The players are devoid of confidence and this management team is not going to turn it around, I belive they don''t buy into CH''s philosophies or his style of football.    
  12. Ron - have a look at what the Newcastle chief executive said...and if you dont want to believe that just have a look at our stats...less than a goal a game compared to conceding a similar amount to last season. We may beg to differ on our thoughts on Hughton but look at what the signs are telling us ;)
  13. Have to totally agree with that notion, how some players have just under performed from last season points to one denominator....Hughton.
  14. Norwich rat - when Swansea appointed a new manager theirs was a continuation project and to keep the good work going. Bear in mind they finished one position above us so why Hughton has been so radical in tactics and team choices leaves me wondering why he needed to change so much of the team as you put it? Newcastle decided to do away with hughton because of his negativity around the dressing room. While he has brought in several better players he has made us boring to watch, goal shy and negative. If you want to shout about the noises from the minority why don''t you just do your own shouting rather than trying to convince others? The table doesn''t lie and lambert s team will finish above us because he can motivate his team a lot better than Hughton (although Hughton might talk a better defensive game) The players will give you a lot but the manager has to take some of the blame/credit.
  15. Technika - have to say I agree with you 100%. Hughton has put his stamp on the team with he tactics and the players are not buying into it. Under PL the team played out of their skins and went into every game with a set up to win whereas under Hughton it''s a case of not getting beat. If people think we''re going to win a lot of our remaining games look at the form guide for the last 14 games. We should be sponsored by Dulux now as that seems to sum up how we play!
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