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  1. well done and welcome! i have 4 season tickets for me and my kids. and now there are a few spare i might buy one more. because my daughter will be 6 next year and that will secure her ticket for the future!
  2. totaly agree tom. if we sign cureton/sharp/marshall.and earnshaw leaves.then as much as i love earnie i will still be very happy!
  3. so in 463 apperences,scoring 150 goals.a average of 1 every 3.8 games spaning 13 years. just proves he is a natural goal scorer! of course £750000 is to much as it was for howard who is the same age and with a lesser goal average.but at around £350000 he would be a bargain. footballers who score 20 goals a season are worth there wait in gold. people laughed when west ham singed sheringham at 38,but if you know how to score goals no matter what your age you will score!
  4. i belive a fee of around £350000 would get cureton.we could even offer jarvis as well.and once we make an offer i belive jamie would not entertain any other bids.and we would get our man.COME ON CITY GET IN THERE!
  5. im in total agreement,we need jamie here.and he is not a gamble. i still cant belive walker let him go! J.C IS A LEGEND BRING HIM BACK NOW!
  6. yep etuhu deserves credit for turning it around, i was pleased when we signed him,as i had seen him many times before and always done ok. sometimes a player needs to settle into a new area, and i think thats what now has happened.
  7. i would love to see chris back, and you are right about the money, i dont think he would be greedy. he wants to return so he would have to be realistic just as hucks was when everyone said we could not afford his wages. please sign him if we can, it would be a gret leap in the right direction!
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