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  1. Just got back from the shambles at Wolves.  I can safely say that it is the worst performance i have seen from Norwich in many years.  The midfield was non-existent, the strikers looked clueless and the defence wasnt much better.  Worthless just sat there looking worried - which doesnt really help an awful lot when you''re 2-0 down.  Quite frankly it was men against boys.  No creativity, no passion, no chance.  The players simply didnt look interested.  We missed Saf and we missed him bad.  Mark my words, we are going NOWHERE this season.  Well, here are my player ratings anyway:- Green - 6 - couldnt really be faulted for the goals, looked comfortable with most balls, poor vision at times though when he had the ball he just tended to hoof upfield. Colin - 5 - caught out of position too many times, useless at throw-ins, gave nothing going forward, generally clueless. Doherty - 7 - a tough one really, he looked class at times, won everything in the air, strong in the tackle and some good covering runs.  However he gave the ball away in some silly positions and looked slow at times. Davenport - 7 - again very strong in the air and some good tackles.  Looked nervous on the ball and got caught in possesion - although he made a great tackle to recover on one occasion. Drury - 5 - doesnt look at all solid, never closed down his man for the first goal.  What has happened to Mr. Dependable? Not the worst player though by a long way. McVeigh - 5 - annonoymous for large parts of the game, had our best shot with a brilliant volley.  To me he just looks too lightweight Brennan - 4 - not cutting it in the middle, offered little for either defence or attack. Jarrett - 0 - useless is not harsh enough.  This guy really takes the biscuit for me.  He looks lazy, clumsy and generally incompetent.  Totally rubbish.  No first touch, poor passing, no speed, little fitness.  His vision is non-existent, every pass went to Wolves.  He gave up a chance of playing in the Prem to pay for us (rather play for the money) says it all really. Huckerby - 2 - two words, lazy diver. Ashton - 5 - worked hard and in fairness had little or no service.  Looks slow and always seemed to jump too early for the headers. Henderson - 6 - big effort and he got the Wolves'' fans backs up which was funny.  Again too lightweight, but i admire his work-rate, the only player to try to get the crowd going throughout the game.  Had no chance against the big, strong Lescott.  Blasted our best chance well, well, well over the bar from about 8 yards! Subs Thorne - 5 - added nothing. Rossi Jarvis - 8 - MOTM did more in about 10 minutes then Brennan or Jarrett did all game.  Looked hungry, bright and lively.  Good touches, good runs and good link-up play.  Lacked the confidence to shoot when he had the chance but that will come in time.  Give the lad a start.
  2. Just a simple question really.  Does anyone know when Saf is supposed to be ready for first team selection again?
  3. I think some of you may have misunderstood.  My post wasnt an attack on Safri, of course you cant blame him for wanting to play in such an important match.  Replying by saying you cant blame Safri for wanting to play is just pointless. It should be up to the manager at the end of the day.  Any player worth his position in the team is bound to want to play.  He should have been told that it isnt on. I''m sorry but passion or no passion he shouldnt have gone.  He was injured.  End of story.  Having such a quality international player counts for nothing if he is injured.
  4. Is it just me or is enyone else realy, really annoyed that Saf was allowed to travel.  He limped out of our previous game before half-time, clearly wasnt fully fit - therefore should never have been allowed ot travel in the first place.  For goodness sake if he aint fit he shouldn''t be going.  He is employed by NCFC - not Morocco.  We pay his wages.  Any other team would have refused their player permission - any other team that is except for Norwich. No, we are quite happy to send one of our key players out on duty - knowing full well he could worsen the situation.  We''re too soft. Whilst i accept that refusing Saf permission might annoy him, surely its better to take the risk then to end up losing him.  Afterall, he would come round to the idea if he really thought it through. But low and behold he goes, despite not being fit, picks up an injury and so as a result misses out on arguably one of the most important run -ins of our season. Fantastic.  Bloody fantastic.
  5. NO you read the title correctly, i want everyone to cheer Worthy NOT jeer him on Tues against Hull.  The reason for this is simple - with our support we have everything, without it we have nothing.  If we shout louder and prouder than ever before, Worthy and the lads have no choice but to play up.  If we go there and boo and jeer then there''s only one result i can see at the end of the night. Now i''m not saying that they Worthy hasnt had enough support already and i''m not saying that Worthy is faultless and i''m not saying that we havent supported him thus far, i''m just saying that we can make the difference.  This game could make or break our season.  Win and win with confidence and with the support of our great fans, then who knows what might happen in the near future!!! I know im bound to be shot down here but im willing to put my head above the parapet.  What has been happening recently is terrible.  Throughout this country our fans are renowned as one of the best.  I for one am terribly proud of this feet and will show that no matter how dire things get, i''ll always be behind my great team!!!! One last push for victory, one last push for Fortress Carrow Road, one last push for this great club!
  6. [quote]These stats were in just about every paper today so its not exactly rocket science research from DD now is it? And YC was making the original point anyway. As for the Nottingham person, I think we we...[/quote] Why attack DD ?
  7. Great 1st Wizard is back, oh wait he''s gone again, nope sorry now he''s back, off he goes, back again.  YAWN!
  8. Yawn, please let''s not waste anymore time on this.
  9. [quote]I cannot believe i''m reading this. This guy travelled all the way to Stoke, to watch the same old shower of sh*t we are being served up under this management, and is getting berated by his own fellow ...[/quote] Well you better start believing it then Alex.  I have never and will never condone the leaving of a match before the final whistle.  I''m a Norwich fan through and through - to the bitter end and I will never leave ANY match early.  If you want me to congratulate or console someone who has left the match early, then you will be waiting a very long time my friend. Time to stop sitting on that incredibly high horse of your''s -before the distance between yourself and the rest of us loyal supporters becomes too large to bridge. He''s left the match early - clearing showing a lack of loyalty -and taken a verbal volley for it - BIG DEAL!
  10. Sorry mate but you were the one that left early - face the consequences.
  11. [quote]There was a preverse pleasure in it all. McKenzie''s shooting was woeful all night – I couldn''t contain my laughter when one shot hit the big Cow Shed sign in the stand. The atmosphere was muted throug...[/quote] Totally agree Paul, the shelves just dont deserve it!
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