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  1. Nelson has always been my historical hero. After finally reading a book about his life and discovering he was born in Norfolk it seemed the ideal choice. Not very imaginative I''m afraid.
  2. I was wondering if, after spending an hour in the phone queue on Saturday, whether the club make any money from the calls. I know tv programmes like ''who wants to be a millionaire'' make their money this way, and wondered if football clubs did the same. If not then is it worth the club investigating this as extra income because with the premiership beckoning next season the ticket office phone queue could get longer and longer.
  3. Would it not be better for Norwich if Ip****h beat the likes of Sunderland, West Ham etc as this would reduce the points needed for automatic promotion ? Even if they then get to the playoff''s they won''t win them. I wouldn''t write off Millwall''s chances of a play off spot either.
  4. You beat me to it, I was going to post that. Excellent news indeed.
  5. The company I work for deals with a German banker called Jochen Strapp.
  6. Both Sunderland and West Brom still have to play at Portman Road, so Ipswich will do us a favour if they beat them. I suppose therefore, however horrific that thought may be, we should want an Ipswich win !!!
  7. What is the parking situation like at Palace? Can anyone help with suggestions about the best places?
  8. As Wimbledon have no assets to speak of, No ground to sell, No players of any real value, liquidation would not gain the creditors much money. Therefore 4p/£ would seem a good deal. Didn''t the Binners pay 5p/£ and I assume they have far more assets than Wimbledon do.
  9. What happens if the creditors do not accept the 4p in the £ offer and Wimbledon go into liquidation, are they thrown out of the league ? If this is the case will points in games against them be removed? If so we lose 6 West Brom lose 1. I''ve heard it''s 50/50 whether they will except or not.
  10. Has anyone noticed how they seem to be putting a bit of a run together? If they win their two games in hand they will only be 6 points behind and we still have to play them at their place! We can''t afford too many slip ups.
  11. If the Queen and Prince Andrew are fans, can we put up one of those ''by royal appointment'' crests ???
  12. Anything with Alan Brazil has an Ipswich bias. I listen to the sports breakfast on Talksport driving to work and I''ve lost count of how many of his old Ipswich buddies have been on the programme. I think I''ve heard Norwich people on there about three times !
  13. 1st Wizard, I couldn''t agree more with your post. We live in Northamptonshire and have our tele tuned into Anglia solely to watch Norwich on Sundays as Central only covers Birmingham teams. However we look forward to Norwich visiting our area as we get more coverage when on Central TV than we do on Anglia.
  14. Where is the best place to park the car next Saturday? Advice please.
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