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  1. I work with a derby fan and he used to go on how great camp was then last season he started to lose confidence and kept letting in stupid goals and flapping at the ball. He doesn''t command his area and likes to stay on his goal line but whats saying a new coach and a new club can''t change him into a better player. Okay for cover but needs to put in a lot of work to be worth signing permanently.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen but Lupolli  has just signed for Derby on a season long loan. Lets hope he''s a bit rusty tomorrow  
  3. Are you saying they were good ???? as we''ve had a rubbish defence for the last 2 seasons
  4. Fair enough but if the bloody club would sign some new faces even loan ones do you think people would still be talking about Sutton.
  5. I''ve sat at my desk for the summer watching free signing after free signing go to all these other clubs and none of them are good enough to strengthen the norwich squad. http://home.skysports.com/transfers.aspx?cpid=10 Have a look at this link and see how many players have been signed by other clubs. We are 4 players short including loan deals and brought one player in is this sensible when we''ll suffer from 4 or 5 injuries in the first few week due to hard pitches.  The problem with waiting is that player take upto 3-4 weeks to get used to Worthingtons defensive play.
  6. Sorry obviously Worthington knows exactly what hes doing and has the perfect team except for a big striker (his words). If you believe that then you should join the Norwich board. Even the players are doubting him now is that not a big clue as to the strength of the squad. Worthington is weak and couldn''t handle anyone whos is better than him.
  7. If Worthington was that worried about a pro taking over why has he got Martin Hunter working with him who is obviously been promised the managers job when Worthington fails. I did forget about Helveg like he forgot how to play football
  8. I think Worthington is playing a pathetic game, he won''t sign or consider anyone who has had more success than he has whilst playing football. Just look at Chris Sutton, hes not any worse than Geoff Horsfield, Peter Thorne,  but Sutton has won the Premiership and won titles and cups with Celtic, so Worthington will not sign him as he would me more sucessful and players may look upto Sutton. This is another reason why we failed in the Premiership as he didn''t bring in any decent players that had won anything,  so we had no Premier experience (apart from Simon Charlton) which is what we needed.  
  9. He''s an excellent signing, living in the midlands i''ve seen him a few times when he played for coventry and he''s very composed on the ball, strong in the air and very good with his feet. I was at coventry last season for the norwich v coventry pre season game and he marked svensson out of the game winning everything in the air. So you would think at championship level he will do a pretty good job for us.  
  10. --------------green------------- edworthy---charlton---fleming---drury ------helveg---francis----holt----- -------------huckerby------------ --------jonson---mckenzie------- one of the reasons jonson was winning the ball on saturday which would then give the flick on to mckenzie or nod back to huckerby. i think we should attack against everton okay they''re on a good run but theres not to much to scare us an all out attack at them could be the answer as we look very solid at the back even with the taller players against us.  
  11. who else thinks that after the performances of green so far and lehman that wenger may sign green before the end of this month as hes already proved he is a better keeper than lehman so the question will then be how much 4,5,or even 6 million
  12. is doherty not a younger fully dentally blessed version of roberts when he came on yesterday it was as though roberts had run on 10 years ago and his playing style was not to many miles away either anyone else notice or was it my blurred vision playing up again
  13. anyone see this http://www.football-rumours.com/dodgy.htm Norwich scout alan wood today seen at pride park talking to tom huddlestone sources say norwich players jarvis and henderson going the other way in a season long loan - derby steward haha bloody ha
  14. this was the first game i had taken my little girl to and my god was it boring okay i didn''t expect there to be a great match but i''d heard how worthington had been trying to pass the ball round well and to be honest they didn''t. To start with coventry 6ft5 ish centre half totally marked svenson out for the first half before he was substituted so he won''t be a very good target man if thats all we have to offer at the beginning of the season. Bentley looked good showed some nice touches, aswell as mckenzie who tackled back very well. Mc Veigh looked rubbish on the right okay i suppose he was out of position but what annoyed me was nobody tried to go past players it was a friendly so at least have a go. Holt and francis both played their normal game with francis making a few good runs. First half edworthy and drury both looked solid without doing anything great waswell as brennan in the seocnd half, Charlton looks very small but very composed on the ball and fleming was solid, my man of the match would have to go to green looks very good didn''t have a lot to do but he did''nt make any mistakes either. Second half saw jarvis on whos bulking out more now another season and he could look very promising i''d still like to see him and shackell go for a three month loans somewhere so we can recall them if we needed to. Henderson looked lively and was willing to try to beat his man the only one that was but abbey good bye and thanks looks fit enough but showed no skill. It was a shame joe lewis didn''t come on but i think worthy didn''t want to lose the game and they were having to many shots on goal so thats why i think he left it. We need a right midfielder, a striker and a back up/or really good centre half i know thats what we''re all saying but we need them now not a day before the start of the season so come on worthy stop all this waiting around and get signing its been 2 months since we''ve been promoted and its only two weeks to go !! Yes i know hucks, helveg and safri were''nt playing but there will be injuries during the season. Current team we''ll be relegated three new players we stand a chance
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