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  1. On 19/05/2024 at 14:26, GodlyOtsemobor said:



    Stacey.          Duffy.              Edwards.     Burrows 

                          New CDM   Nunez 

    Kamara.                  Colwil.               Sainz.  


    Barden, New CB, Norton-Cuffy, McLean, Sorensen, Kwame Poku, New winger(willock?),  Barnes, New forward 

    Ah, 'New CDM'. I suppose at this time of year we can dream. 

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  2. On 20/05/2024 at 10:30, Feedthewolf said:

    I'm off on holiday for a week as of today, so I probably won't be updating it again until next week (it's a hassle to do it on my mobile).

    Taking a holiday during the close season when your work is most required on here is completely unacceptable 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Nuff Said said:

    Erm. That is a bit pot/kettle when you look at how posters talk about Farke on here. And Lambert used to be regularly referred to as the messiah.

    Indeed. McKenna is the only good thing to happen to Ipswich this century. Hardly surprising they love him.

    Whole house of cards could collapse very quickly if he does move on. 

    While I'm here I have to say I'm not sure about this certainty they're going to get stuffed every week. If they do keep hold of him and make some decent signings, the sense of momentum they've created might carry them on, like it did for Brentford when they first went up, especially if they get some friendly opening fixtures. Might be more pain ahead for NCFC fans before the bin bubble bursts.

  4. 1 minute ago, yellowrider120 said:

    I doubt very much McKenna will leave Ipswich at this point in time to go to Brighton. I think Brighton may be on the decline and I don't think he will regard it as that much of a step up. He will want to give another season to Ipswich.

    Man Ure may be too difficult to resist I suppose but that's a huge job for anyone with many ridiculously paid players to get rid of.

    If he went to Chelsea that would be sheer stupidity as they are a truly awful club with an absurd owner. Potter was crazy to go there and now it seems they are mulling over dispensing with Poch! Who the hell do they think they are??


    I actually think Brighton is a great option for him for the reasons you suggest about Man U and Chelsea. Brighton may have peaked but they're still a clear step up from Ipswich and gives him a chance to show he can coach a team with top players. Go to Chelsea or Man U and fail, as most coaches do given how dysfunctional the clubs are, and he doesn't have much to fall back on at that point,  whereas you'd have to assume he'd succeed at Brighton,  whereafter the world is his oyster

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  5. Lots of wonderful attacking players available to England. Almost no decent defensive players. Idea we're anything like favourites is very, um, patriotic. Semi-finals is par for this group, I think. 

    Think he's been in the job too long for anyone to change their minds about him but personally I find the swiftness to blame our most successful coach since 1970 for England's failure to win something exceptionally tedious.

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  6. 20 hours ago, Parma Ham's gone mouldy said:

    I was referring specifically to the change that followed second promotion. It entailed the ‘need’ to sell Buendia, buy wingers and change the system to accommodate the purchases

    Yes, I understood that. Was just thinking in terms of the OP's balance sheet approach and wondering if there was an initial positive to set against the undeniable negative you're talking about.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Parma Ham's gone mouldy said:

    . Moving away from 4231 fluid football

    Genuine question- were we playing that before Webber/Farke? If not, then to be fair you'd need to acknowledge that that system evolved on his watch.

    And we were playing a version of it under Wagner, of course. A weird, seemingly LSD-inspired version, but a version nonetheless.

    So my take on this would be that we established, moved away from and returned to 4-2-3-1 during Webber's time. But very happy to be corrected on the first bit of that.

  8. 11 hours ago, kick it off said:

    The more you read about him, the more his character stands out as being exceptional. There's a reason he has got to where he is, at such a young age. He started coaching at 15 when he realised he wasn't going to make the standard he wanted as a footballer.  He has scrapped, fought and hustled his way into a host of big clubs, blown people away at every single one of them, and is renowned as being tactcally astute and a fantastic communicator. Mourinho's trajectory was incredibly similar. Someone, somewhere will take a chance on him, it might as well be us - what do we have to lose?

    This is the point for me. Don't know very much about him except that he's very highly rated. For a club in our position, you have to find every little gain you can. One very big gain is to have a world-class coach. This guy sounds as though he might become one. Let's face it, we're not going to appoint a world-class coach when they have already become established, just as we'd not be able to sign someone like Emi once everyone knows how good they are.

    I think he's well worth the gamble. Far better than an established Championship coach who's already reached their ceiling.

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