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  1. i am sure bellamy will look forward to being played as right winger
  2. i read a few weeks ago that worthington, was saying he wanted to strengthen the side. as i am in australia at the moment, i am not up to date with the latest gossip. i was wondering if anyone had heard of any speculation over players coming in????
  3. i am english and will be back in a few weeks, but i have been in australia for about 7 years and support norwich. i get up every sunday morning at 1 am, just to watch the bbc live text commentary. attacking throw in huckerby (norwich) Goal kick taken long by green (norwich) you can see how exciting it can get, but us norwich supporters are a funny lot. well at least i am. lol
  4. i agree norwich are the best team in div 1 DIV 1 CHAMPS 2004 certainly better that the binmen
  5. longy i would have to agree with your comments and team line up 100%. i think it is high time for malky to be replaced by shackell. Therefore allowing us to play a more attractive style of football, that opposed to malky''s constant bombing the ball forward. also i feel that the best centre midfield partnership for norwich would be holt and francis. they both get stuckin defending and winning the ball in midfield, and are capable of running with the ball
  6. i have gone to a number of norwich matches this season, and i have not seen mackay play a good whole 90 mins. i think he has been a great servant for the club, but i feel that the time has come for him to be replaced by shackell in the starting lineup. shackell is youthful and is more skillfull. I feel that if we are to be promoted this season (hopefully), then shackell should be starting for us in the premiership.So there is now a no better time for him to be our starting centre back.
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