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  1. Due to being called into work, I now have 2 tickets for the Newcastle match for sale Next to each other, back row of the Jarrold. First come first served at face value - £87.50 Payment will need to be by BACS or Paypal and I will post the tickets by special delivery tomorrow morning. Contact me on ontheballcity1@hotmail.com if interested OTBC Mark
  2. I''m sure I''m one of loads looking for a ticket, but does anyone have a spare ticket that they like to sell for the Watford match? I''ve followed city home and especially away for many years, but missed the chance to snap up a ticket :(. Have tried the Watford website but it won''t let new members buy tickets for our match! I''m only after one adult ticket, please reply or email me at ontheballcity1@hotmail.com if you would like to sell yours :)
  3. Hi guys As per my post from Feb - the marathon is getting close now! I''ve decided to show my support for the Canaries and will be wearing the kit from the UEFA cup season. i have the shorts, but the shirt i have is too large for me to be running in, so... Does anyone have the egg and cress style home shirt from 93/94 in size Adult Small, that i could buy off them? I''ve kept an eye on ebay but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Look out for the yellow & green! OTBC, Mark
  4. Hi everyone, Before I get shot down in flames, yeah yeah I know it''s not strictly City related, but before you ignore me, I''m going to be running the London Marathon in April in aid of a very good cause - a local (to me!) charity called B.I.R.D.  www.b-i-r-d.org.uk  I work at Reaseheath College in Nantwich, Cheshire I attend around 30 City games per season... Away travellers may recognise me if you have a look at my photo! I''m wondering whether anybody would be willing to send a donation for my charity efforts? I''ve been struggling with confidence in training, but the money I have managed to get from colleagues and friends so far is really spurring me on. If anybody would like to take a look at my website and maybe add a donation, it''s at www.justgiving.com/markhardy and I would be most grateful. Finally, the most important bit... On the day itself, i''ll be running the marathon in either the championship winning kit of 03/04, or the egg and cress full kit... The two ''finest hours'' of City following since I was born. Any suggestions as to which one i should wear - again greatly appreciated! Look out for the yellow and green on the tele, and if you''re running the marathon yourself, give me a shout!!! Many thanks in anticipation of your help, Mark [:)] OTBC    
  5. ...And our fans barely even did that yesterday. What has happened to the white hot atmosphere that we can create? People on here may well question the desire, hunger, commitment and passion of the players but if the fans don''t show the same for the team,what can you expect them to do? As for booing Robert Eagle when he was substituted,well I was ashamed to be a norwich fan at that point. We all know how poor Carl Robinson, Andy Hughes etc etc are, but give them some backing and a bit of confidence and i''m sure they will improve their performances. Look at Andy Hughes at Leeds last year - the fans were screaming their heads off and he played a blinder. One game in all the ones he''s played for us is clearly not enough, but it just shows that with some backing he can improve. One more thing, I can''t believe anybody is judging the manager on the results so far. At least leave it until a month or so after the transfer window when he''s had the chance to sign his own players. If the fans don''t get behind the team then i''m afraid we''re staying in this division. The fans away from home can make more noise than the home ones. OTBC
  6. I have 4 particularly memorable away matches: 1.   Burnley away in the promotion season - fantastic support in a horrible surrounding and a bizarre game - but some fantastic football. 2.   Rotherham away in the promotion season - No Norwich fan will ever see support for the team like there was at Rotherham. You could sense as the players went in at half time that they weren''t finished yet. It''s been said before - the fans did the half time team talk on that day. 3.   Barnsley away in the play off season - phenominal support at a game with so much hanging on the result for both teams. The next one is for the supporters who were there through all the bad times... 4.   Tranmere away when Brian McGovern went blasting down the right wing to smash a hole through the goal and keep us in division 1. This game means so much more to me now as i''m not just one of the supporters who can only name games from the promotion season.
  7. I totally agree. he''s just the man we need for a bit of a spark. He''s in the same mould as Hucks, obviously without the speed, is very passionate, and most importantly NEVER stops trying. And can score penalties!
  8. i certainly did send in my ticket stubs to CR, nothing doing im afraid! Also, they accidently sent me 2 extra tickets for the preston game, so i phoned them up to let them know and the woman was very thankful and said i would "DEFINATELY" get the tickets for the crewe game when i asked her. so i send them back and how do they repay me.... Then what was even more out of this world was they then offered me tickets for the beamback! words were beyond me at that point!!!
  9. I have lost your email address Templeton, send me a quick email and i will somehow sort you a ticket - i also didn''t get one! (for the benefit of everyone else, i live on gresty road!)
  10. I live on GRESTY ROAD, have been all but 3 away games, and 10 home games this season, and STILL didn''t get one! looks like i''ll be with the crewe fans, but i am not happy at all about this!
  11. Does anyone know of a place around the city where i can get regplates made up with the NC club crest in the corner where the EU badge should be? There is absolutely nowhere to get them done where i live (Crewe), but i could get them done when i come down for the preston game. If anyone can help, my new email address is ontheballcity1@hotmail.com. Give me a shout. Cheers
  12. Hi Archie, yes i do agree that all supporters obviously have to start somewhere and yes they should be given as much chance, but maybe a way round this is that for the new supporters who would have less match points, they could do a ballot like in the early part of this season where they are guarenteed so many games. This way everyone would be happy. On the other hand, yes i have applied for a season ticket for next season and am about 1500 in the queue. This is another point - all them people who bought half season tickets just cos the club is doing well should have the priority over other supporters taken away because the only reason why i didn''t buy one is because there were too many sunday and weekday matches at home, so it worked out cheaper to just buy individual tickets for the saturday games. Anyway, im not getting into an argument again! but a system needs sorting out. OTBC
  13. 1. We ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, what the hell are we moaning about. We should just be sitting tight and praying for the last day to come as quickly as possible. Let''s not get at the players, it helps nobody at all. Especially them if they happen to read it. 2. A decent - and fairly cheap - right winger can be found at Wrexham in the name or Carlos Edwards. He''s fast, goes past defenders with ease and SCORES GOALS. But whatever happens, stop getting at Mark Rivers, he is still one of our top scorers despite playing only a handful of games. Likewise with Ian Henderson - he is out of position! 3. Despite my best efforts today, i have failed to get a ticket for the Preston match. I have travelled to every single away match and gone to 8 home games this season on my own - I am only just 17 and live in Crewe - and some fans who have hardly been any games this season will have got tickets over me. I have supported the club since i was 6, going a minimum of 17 games a season and that is what u call loyalty considering my home town. OK the support at Palace was ace, but had we been mid-table, hardly 20% those fans would have been there. Whereas it is the hardcore bunch like myself who were at Grimsby to see us draw at the end of december, and at places like Bury and Tranmere fighting relegation... Who saw Brian McGovern fire in the winner to keep us up at Prenton Park??? - i bet a few people reading this haven''t a clue who he is! The club should introduce a Man City style system, whereby fans are awarded points for games attended then tickets are sold to people with the most points first. I would have had no problems getting tickets for the Preston game this morning. My message is this, let''s get behind the players and shout as loud as we can for the lads, even when we''re losing. Remember, they want to go up as much as we do. Fickle fans - we don''t need you, u won''t be at the Stoke''s and Brighton''s etc... IF we ever end up back in this league. Lets make the last game of the season one to remember - across the road from my house. My apologies for such a long post, but this needs to be said. OTBC
  14. Everyone, look on the clubs official site, we''ve signed Leon McKenzie subject to medical 2moro! he''ll score more than Huckerby!
  15. Alex seems to be a really nice lad and i would like to wish him all the very best for the future. It''s really sad that someone so young gets forced to retire and even gets booked for the priviledge. Alex, if you read this all the best and keep ur chin up. Maybe apply for a job in the academy....Take care mate. (And lets hope this doesn''t happen to Zema)
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