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  1. But what if the employee wants to leave! And why is Emi still not a NCFC player; because contracts are changed, agreements are made and in football terms, they just make you more valuable to the club you are leaving!!
  2. A conversation was had weeks ago and nothing to do with the sponsorship deal, the deal was also worth more than the quoted figure, commercial revenues have sky rocketed on his watch, player purchases come from money you generate (thank you Mr Kensell), SW list of failures are on 3,4 year contracts and people need to be careful what they wish for, when the bloke from a Norfolk only institution walks through the door and does things the Norfolk way. Thank you for your 7 years Mr Kensell. PS Its not the fans business to know notice periods or for the EDP to demand commercial contract values. Let's focus on signings and Liverpool in August.
  3. I'm sorry, you are wrong, see King canary; all report to the board.
  4. Based on 'not hearing anything for 48 hours!' I assume if they responded yesterday you would say that's not been thought out and an incomplete answer; how about we leave them to come up with a solution and then judge them on that! Do you answer ALL work correspondence within 48 hours?
  5. Webber and Kensell are on an equal footing, SW is not his boss.
  6. Firstly, a big big own goal by the club; but if the content on these websites is so bad, that we should close our eyes, then why in order to sign the petition would i get shown the same offensive pictures again!!
  7. Genuine question; how do The Athletic know that factually this deal is worth less than the previous and what right do any media have to be informed of the commercial value of something; not excusing the silly episode that has happened, but the media were all wrong regards an Emi sell-on clause, so what makes The Athletic correct now and why should the club reveal privileged contract information!?
  8. How much do you believe the deals where worth then?
  9. Not believing figures doesn't make it fact and if a sponsor thinks you may get relegated the following season, surely other teams get bigger deals!
  10. Totally agree; mistakes have been made, but leave these decisions for the owners and not try and hound out staff.
  11. Any reason? Ever thought Emi may have wanted to leave!
  12. How about we let D & M deal with those things and by the way, should we demand SW removal for selling Emi!?
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