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  1. I could go into a long and boring 20 year account of how CCFC has ended up as a shadow of its previous self which is beyond the scope of anyone's interest here. It is odd though how I must think all is well at the club because I've passed comment on what football in this country has turned into at the top level and its effect on those further down. Look at the financial state of most clubs in the second tier, they are hopelessly throwing money they don't have and selling their stadia to try and keep up with those coming down from the top flight. We have come up two divisions in 3 seasons and probably got promoted a bit too early. Wasn't really the point I was trying to make.
  2. The point is not about 'buying your way to success', it's just a natural point that I suspect your turnover is 10 times ours which is why I found it amusing looking at some of the comments on here. Supposing those players hadn't been sold, the parachute payments still provide a £45 million head start on everyone else. This has been a problem in the Championship for years. My problem isn't so much with specific clubs but what the game has turned into in the top flight where ridiculous fees are exchanged for average players and enormous parachute payments are granted to those who finish hopelessly bottom. It's what then leads to the dire state of Championship finances with clubs selling their grounds to try and keep up or hoping that some dubious white knight will spend huge sums of money and never ask for it back. I was genuinely astounded that Newcastle's takeover was rejected considering all the shady characters who have been allowed to muscle in on various clubs. All the best.
  3. I know, the reward for failing hasn't filtered down to that level yet.
  4. I try and make puns out of joint players on most forums I comment on. Thanks for declaring at 2-0, maybe if we get £50 million for being relegated we'll make a fist of it next time
  5. I didn't realise there was somebody hallucinating our players into being unable to pass a ball straight or even catch the ball at chest height. Anybody could beat these wastes of space
  6. We've been ****ing awful don't give yourselves too much credit.
  7. If there's one thing worse than getting pumped it's getting pumped by a side in such a **** poor kit. This is going to be some late Valentine's Day massacre
  8. I think we will but have Godden out for another few months, Walker will also end up being out for months as well and we have little budget to replace them with. If we could just take our chances we'd have been 2 up before you'd even scored-but don't take them and that's what happens.
  9. Pretty annoying from a CCFC perspective to give away such cheap goals so early on after missing some sitters. Passing up similarly good chances second half also frustrating but with our injury problems especially up front it's not a surprise. At least some unfamiliar players got some minutes and looked decent. If we had a decent striker we might well have got something but hey ho. All the best
  10. I don't think he'd be good enough to replace Buendia, though I can't think of many in this league who are.
  11. We'd want enough to be able to sign replacements and add an extra improvement to the squad. Don't think either will draw PL interest yet though. He started out very much as a DM, but recently he's started trying to push further up and make more use of his ability to shoot from distance. He has the engine to play more box to box for sure but as I said needs to show more discipline and composure. Has incredible vision just doesn't always pull it off
  12. Cracking player, think this window is too soon. Same goes for Dabo, who seems to be eating up opposition left backs every game now. Both will be on other clubs' radars in the summer if they keep it up. Hamer is quality, but still struggling a bit with discipline and composure which he'll get in time. Going under the radar thankfully is Callum O'Hare, signed for nothing from Villa and very talented also.
  13. You're right. We have quite a few key players injured from putting a small squad through a thick wedge of fixtures and those on the fringes really need the game time. We could probably do with losing it to be honest though the prize money would be nice, it's still less than a home game on Sky
  14. I don't think we will put anything like a first team out for this one, injuries still mounting up and other players in need of a rest. Don't see you chaps doing it either, crap tie for both clubs. It is on some random BT channel I think
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