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  1. Well, it is one take on the forthcoming match on Thursday. The thing is Norwich started well but faded as the match wore on and it seemed that early in the second half they decided to play safe and rarely ventured up the pitch to attack. Meslier in our goal looked the shakiest he has been all season and had an awful first half. Thankfully for us he was not troubled at all in the second half. As for the rest of the team we have gone off the boil since the International Break in March and are struggling to put any type of game together. Hopefully, on Thursday we'll get a match that is a darned sight better that the dour and cagey arrair that was served up on Sunday although I doubt it. More likely it will be a war of attrition. It's hard to decide which way it's going to go TBH. So now Norwich will come to Elland Road and it will not serve them well to be sitting back and hoping to catch us on the break. A lot of Leeds United fans complain about the way the Leeds play under Farke at times holding the ball as they do anong the back line and passing it sideways, back to the goalkeeper and across for seemingly ages without making much progress. However, in the playoffs that is the very thing that will help us settle and pick our forward forrays. Much as we might like to play the gung ho style of the Bielsa days I think our approach will be much more measured. If they want to prevail Norwich will have to come out and play. I really hope it doesn't go to penalties!
  2. Reading the posts on here are a mirror of the ones on the Southampton forum before they played us at home in September - all doom, gloom and full of trepidation. Saints were on a poor run, fans were calling for the managers blood and expecting to be turned over any way you could cut it. The result? A 3-1 home win. We have improved and settled as the season has progressed but the damned International Break always carries a risk of putting a spanner in the works. Should be a good contest
  3. You can hope for that Bud. I suppose you can only see the scene from your own horizons? What did Norwich gather in their last Premier League visits? 34 points and then a laughable 19!! ๐Ÿคฃ You'll need to do better than that! Have no worries, Leeds will be likely to be doing much better than your Team next season. Unlike your last two efforts in the Premier League we stayed up and made a good fist of our first season after promotion and are in much better stead than the Blunts ever have been. Let's see what happens eh?
  4. Who knows what will happen in the future. it all has to be conjecture but one thing is for sure is that life goes on. As has been said, there are some very solid foundations being laid and a youth team structure which is also coming on nicely. We have had a 2 or 3 consecutive very enjoyable seasons for us Leeds United fans and it seems a lot of neutrals have enjoyed watching our games. Next season? A few new faces and more of the same would do me fine. Congratulations to you Canaries on gaining promotion. The trick now is going to be to get set and ready for next season. Looks to me like you need to invest wisely and reasonably well otherwise there is a risk that you will sink back again.
  5. I think you are absolutely right. I don't know what I was thinking! Best Wishes and Adios! ๐Ÿ‘‹
  6. The new season is just about here. Leeds United may fall apart again but they do have talent! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy!
  7. Happy always to talk football, rabid or otherwise. All it is is a bit of fun, a bit of friendly needling etc. This looks like a site where people might have a go and object to views but it is all about opinions. It takes all sorts but I really don't get some of these forum sites that allow all the effing and jeffing with very little in the way of coherent thought. Haven't had that yet! ๐Ÿ˜†
  8. I always find it amusing that a couple of games into the new season some fans will be calling for the managers head and will be in the depths of despair. Not so long ago I remember travelling on a long journey somewhere and had Five Live's 606 (before that thicko Robbie Savage was let loose on the airwaves) and a whole load of Liverpool fans were calling for Jurgen Klopp's head after some dodgy results. I hope you you guys have a good season too.
  9. Indeed. If this is Leeds falling apart again then long may it continue. If we are getting tonked left, right and centre as well as looking a shambles by end November I'll start worrying. In the meantime I intend to enjoy the ride. It's been more than a long while
  10. No argument about how competitiveness of the Championship. As for us we were a cut above the last two seasons but before that we were ordinary for years and didnt pull up any trees nor looked likely to. Be interesting to see how the relegated teams fare. I think all three will find it a tough fight Still, we turned the corner and I am hopeful that we can continue on the current path.
  11. If we were still in the Championship I'd be thinking about the competition that would get in the way of at least making the play-offs. Last season it was dog eat dog; anyone could beat anyone but somehow West Brom and ourselves broke away a bit. Brentford and Fulham made it a close run thing. Phew! For you this season there is IMHO - Brentford, Derby, Bournemouth, Watford, Forest, Cardiff and Milwall. These will provide stiff opposition and you may not enjoy the same kind of ride that you had the season you went up when you did look pretty darned good. Then there is the Wendies, Blackburn, Stoke, Bristol etc. With whom you just don't know what you are going to get. It will be another cracking season in the Championship
  12. I accept that I am now a paid up member of the Old Codgers Club and agree that for a few seasons now the Championship is a much more competitive league than the Premiership. It's the same as the FA Cup falling foul of the filthy lucre. Still happy to to be where we are a hoping we can make it stick. I think I might enjoy the Championship this season instead of going through it like a basket case. Your team faces a very tough challenge as there are a lot of decent teams all around you. I'll be watching with interest
  13. A plague on your houses is it mate? ๐Ÿคจ
  14. I'd be happy duking it out with West Ham, Necastle and Sheffield and finishing above them but that is easy to say and hard to achieve in this season. I do think also that besting Manure is a pipe dream to be realistic in this season. Sheffield did very well last season and a run like theirs would be a dream
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