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  1. Probably yeah. What I don’t get is that the 12 clubs involved already have the deck stacked in their favour financially and it’s still not enough. The 3 Spanish clubs in particular. Barca and the two Madrid clubs get 70% of all La Liga tv revenue and it’s still not enough. I would sooner leave a fox in charge of a chicken coup than let Perez control our clubs finances.
  2. I will now be interested if any punishment is dished out to these clubs. I heard pundits on Sky saying last night that it wouldn’t be fair to punish fans, players and staff for the owners discretion. I understand it to some degree but Wigan’s fans, players and staff got punished with a points deduction that ultimately relegated them last season because of an owners failings.
  3. Seems we’re scapegoating McClean. A bit harsh because other than Hanley none of players got anywhere near their best. So many heavy touches , under/over cooked or misplaced passes and lack of composure was on display last night from everyone. We just didn’t play well at all and never got our game going. There were flashes of it but no consistency over 90 minutes and 0-1 flattered us. It’s hard to know how to judge the performance because Watford were in far greater need of the points than we were and they may have been a hangover from clinching promotion. I can see why some are worried. We are going to face this level of opposition and better every game next season. The two games against Watford and the defeat to Swansea have been poor. We need to be better in these games. Not that we have to blow them away but they are must not lose fixtures and over the past 2 seasons we’ve lost too many of them. Let’s not get carried away though, it’s been a brilliant season and we should enjoy promotion and fingers crossed another title before we start to worry about the PL
  4. I also don’t think they expected the reaction from broadcast partners to be so severe and negative either. I guess they expected the likes of Sky, BT and Amazon to be fighting over and begging for the rights. Instead Amazon condemned the plan and Sky Sports have been quite prepared to let their reporters and pundits really lay into the idea since Sunday. They’ve been lining up people from the football world and fans to shoot down the whole thing for 3 days. If even Sky thinks it’s too much, you know you’ve gone too far.
  5. That’s what I’ve been wondering the last two days.What did these clubs think would happen when they announced this? Overall it’s a damming indictment on football as a whole, especially at the top. You’ve got clubs like Barca, Real and Juve who manage their finances like Nick Leeson is their accountant. They almost cannot afford for this Super League to fail because they can’t reign in spending and are in financial holes. Then you’ve got the businessmen owners who have shown their true colours that it’s all about profits for them. It’s not just the 12 clubs greed on display though, it’s FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League who were all worried about how this effects their finances. Bamford also made a really good point when interviewed last night. Ask UEFA to do something meaningful about racism, you get the right noises but nothing really happens. You take their revenue away and suddenly they’re all action. He’s right as well. 10 game ban for racially abusing a player on pitch. Lifetime ban for playing in the Super League when players don’t have a choice because they’re contracted to a club. Not many football clubs or bodies are coming out of this looking good.
  6. I’m probably being a bit harsh though. He’s is up against one of the leagues best players without playing much football in months.
  7. Goes to show how football is about opinions. I’m watching the game and totally understanding why we signed another left back. Quintilla doesn’t look comfortable at all to me and was fortunate not to have given a penalty away
  8. Fair play to these 12 clubs though. It takes something really special to make FIFA and UEFA look like organisations that are worried about football’s best interests
  9. It really depends on whether Sky and BT would want to renegotiate their deals with the PL and CL without the rebel clubs. I guess it would depend on viewing figures and subscription numbers. It seems that Sky especially have been blindsided by this though and the fact they are allowing their presenters, reporters and pundits let rip over it suggests they’ve had no contact about TV deals etc.
  10. It’s also pathetic to see the President of one the richest, most powerful clubs in the world pleading poverty. I don’t see that anyone has any sympathy for them. There are crack addicts that manage their finances better than Real.
  11. Think Pep just summed this all up well at his press conference. Firstly that the people in charge need to come out and explain themselves. He also said that a league where teams can’t get relegated etc “isn’t sport”
  12. I think the radio silence from all the English owners shows how little they care about the fans that have turned up week in, week out for year upon year. It’s been nearly 48 hours since they dropped a bomb and have felt no need or desire to justify or explain it to their own supporters. Man Utd and Liverpool also quite quite happy to throw their managers and players under the bus while the owners hide across the Atlantic
  13. It’s certainly a thing of the past in the Premier League. Fans of these 6 clubs can no longer delude themselves that their club is still part their community. It’s not. Just like Amazon’s delivery depot isn’t part of Norwich’s community. These clubs are businesses with investors that expect returns on their investment.
  14. I guess what it comes down to is that I would probably find the Premier League as a competition a lot more interesting without those 6 teams. I am no doubt in the minority there though.
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