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  1. The issue is that's it's unfair on the guy to big him up based on a 10 minute cameo only to knock him down when he doesn't meet the expectations in the next couple of games. There is nothing wrong with people changing their mind but for me, it's too early to have made up my mind to start with. I wasn't particularly excited by signing Hugill but I will at least give him time to impress me. I'm not going to judge him based off a few games or a substitute appearance.
  2. So basically, 10 minutes vs Derby and Hugill is amazing, plays a few games and he's demoted to being bang average?
  3. Agreed, we did create plenty of chances so it's not like Skipp/Rupp are prohibiting us in that regard. That match should have been done and dusted before Vrancic got on the pitch. Hopefully with confidence increasing those chances will be taken more often in the future.
  4. Maybe Sorenson did a bit of WWE wrestling to keep fit pre season?
  5. I would guess the plan will be to use him at some point because he hasn't been sent on loan. They soon found clubs for the likes of Sinani etc so no doubt would have done the same for Sorenson if they didn't envisage him getting anywhere near the first team this season.
  6. I would add that the game confirmed that Hanley is going to cost you goal scoring chances in games. There was a moment towards the end of the game when Birmingham were down to 10 men where he seemingly ducked under a ball in the middle of our own box, gifting a chance to the opposition.
  7. Naismith will always be a bad example for me as well and not just because it shouldn't stop you spending money if you can. At some point during our pursuit of him, alarm bells should have been ringing over the sheer amount of convincing it took to get him here. He clearly didn't want to move his family down South.
  8. Before that, we should have been Stoke. Before that, Portsmouth, Before that, Bolton. Before that, Charlton.
  9. I do agree with this part of your argument, if not all of it. Being burnt in the past doesn't mean you shouldn't even try again in the future. I fell of my bike loads of times but I didn't stop riding it. Although I don't think we should have spent what Villa did, we didn't help ourselves either.
  10. Villa have billionaire owners, they have the 5th/6th richest owner in the PL. City on the other hand were bottom of the rich list of owners last year. Villa also average 12-13k more people in the ground per home matches when fans are allowed. The gulf is absolutely huge and on top of that, as much as no one likes to hear it, Villa are a bigger club than we are. For added context, the season we won the Championship, our owners net worth was listed towards the bottom of list of owners in that league as well. That's not to say we shouldn't be trying to compete but honestly, it gets tiresome to see these comparisons. If there was a long list of billionaires that our owners are refusing to sell to then fair enough but I don't see long queue. Even if we did have a billionaire owners, our crowd numbers would still limit what we could spend on transfers/wages compared to Villa because of FFP, they have more wiggle room. It's a much more complex situation than just spend more money Delia!
  11. Sharks only attack you if you are wet
  12. Don't let the fact that we've spent half of the last decade in the Premier League fool you. It's all part of the ruse, she hates Norwich City FC and always has .
  13. Bring back Glenn Roeder I say, this team needs discipline and Glenn is the man to do it. I hear from mate who walks the dog of someone who knows a guy that sweeps the carpark at Carrow Road that the cleaners just don't fear Farke enough. Lets be honest, we had just two loan players in the side yesterday, we need to get that up to at least 7/8. Again Glenn is the man for that job. Lets get Doncaster back to replace Webber while we are at it. DO IT NOW DELIA, BRING BACK THE DREAM TEAM. If you don't we will know that all along you were only using City as your pension fund and that you are secretly a Trojan Binner trying to bring us down from the inside.
  14. A win is a win, we may have rode our luck at times but we got 3 points and they were needed to build confidence. In some ways it is all that matters but having watched all the games this season and last, I'm asking myself when was the last time we actually played our best football? It wouldn't matter so much if we were a solid defensive unit but we aren't. We have 1 clean sheet against Huddersfield who looked pretty toothless on opening day. I don't think we are a side that can grind out enough 1-0,0-0 results against the better sides in this league over the next 40 games to put us in promotion contention. Sooner or later things are going to have to click into place or it will be a long season. So, for now, a win is all that matters and we'll take points however they come. Going forward we need to start playing our football and scoring more goals to have a successful season.
  15. I get what you are saying but playing well in games with no pressure or expectation doesn't prove you are capable at that level. We lost most of our clutch games last year to teams around us in the table. We lost home and away to several teams who were in a relegation fight with us and some of those losses, we played really poorly. Beating Man City doesn't keep you up, beating your rivals does. You can't afford to lose so many games to rivals if you want to succeed. That applies to avoiding relegation or getting promoted. That's where we needed to be better imo
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